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  • Felica
    My 80 mom has the Bulbar ALS. I was wondering if you have experienced bitterness in your mouth. She has done the traque and use feeding tube. She has a lot of discomfort with this bitterness. Please let me know if you can recommend anything.
    Felica. You were not with us long, but wow did you have a loving impact on me!
    Miss you everyday.
    Felica, missing you my friend... we didn't have the luxury of time with us did we. Love you lots,
    Been thinking about you all day....I hope you have a great day today, we really miss and love you:) You know you are one of "My Hero's"Keep happy thoughts, so many people are worried about you. You are in my prayer's.
    Hi Felica, missing you at tea these days, I hope you're hanging in there... love you lots,
    Love you sweets, sad to see your light blue. Hope you are managing everything ok.
    It's hard without you.Aly
    Thank you Marta my interalist doctor won't say ALS and is doing everything we ask of him. My gyno says can't be menopause as my ovaries are still good although fibrocystc I am 46 and nero docs all say the same Two hospital stays still ALS weare still waiting for appointment at ALS clinic Every new doctor I see looks at other records and says same thing I am so fustraited with all of this. I have had 5 EDTA chelation treatment. 2 L-gluithion treatments 1 vitamin treatment now my husband has ask for hydrogen peroxide treatment I have put it off this week I told him I have one vein and it is tired of being stuck he will not accept this and I am so tired I am praying for a miracle and adding if it is not to be take me soon sweet Jesus going to check BHappy post thank you
    I do have some swelling in my ankels but not bad and not anywhere else. BHappy has a problem with swelling. You might ask her. I think she has a thread about it. Evidently others have a problem with swelling as well based on the number of responses she got.

    As for hot flashes, I had one when I was in my early 20s due to stress. How old are you? Are you taking birth control or anything with hormones? I think you should get a Dr.s opinion about both issues Dear One.
    Felica must be some tuff treatments. I know about them hot flashes and they are awful! I know it has to be really frustrating not to be able to use but one finger to type, bruce's fingers are getting bad too. Just want you to know I do care about you,and wish their was something I could do to change this..I hope today is a little better.
    Hello Felicia,
    Just checking in to say hello and to see how you're doing. I'm so sorry you're going through this awful adventure. You sound like a very courageous lady though! Take care. Yasmin

    I'm still learning my way around this web site, sorry for the delay in response. Fairhope is on Mobile Bay in Bladwin County, about 20 miles north of Gulf Shores.
    Love you friend...thank you for the birthday greeting ! I had a wonderful birthday: Movie, lunch out…then a big party watching the fireworks at the space needle which we could see from the 4th floor window....love you
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