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  • Hi Faith, things are not going very well for me, weakness is getting worse and I'm having problems mainly in my left leg....it is always stiff and heavy and i cannot walk more that 15 minutes. Widespread twitching are increased, I'm still waiting to have a day hospital in a specialistic clinic....they said they will call me in three or fuor weekend. I'm trying to stay positive but it's not easy. I hope thing will be ok, keep me updated about you. Hugs
    Yes, the EMG would detect them, along with other things indicative of ALS . . . coupled with a dirty clinical exam and a history that would point towards ALS.
    HI Faith. I just don't know. My atrophied hand caused no pain at all...and my legs are apparently both atrophied (I didn't know) and also have no pain in those muscles other then when they were in a state of spasm. But remember, I have mostly upper motor neuron issues myself other than in my hands and abdominal region--and for me, the LMN stuff doesn't hurt--until it spasms--and when i overdo. Unfortunately, you use your legs all the time, so yes, my legs can hurt--but not specifically in the muscles that are going. Make sense? WHO said you needed to see the neuro again? If it's just one muscle--it's possible it's trapped somewhere behind the knee or something. Doesn't have to be the spine itself.
    Hi Faith, you can find my posts going in my profile then in statistics then in all threads started by me. I'm sorry you are in this scaring situation too, feel free to talk to me everytime you want. My symptoms started about one year ago and they are still slowly progressing. Now I'm currently in Limbo land waiting to have a day hospital in a specialistic clinic . Keep me posted about your situation. Hugs Kiara
    There would have been findings in the EMG, given what you have shared. And I'm wondering who told you that with BFS the fasics are prominent. That is just false. The reason your neuro isn't being helpful when it comes to you getting another EMG is because there is absolutely no reason for you to get another one, other than your insistence that the first one wasn't sufficient. There isn't a shred of evidence that you have ALS or any type of MND, neuromuscular, nerve or muscle issue . . . other than the one you have conjured-up in your mind. It's just that simple.
    The neurologist that I am under specialises in neuromuscular disorders including myasthenia gravis - so I would hope that he would have mentioned that it could be a possibility given my symptoms? I can swallow my saliva - but do find that I double swallow and that I need to remind myself to do so. My reflexes were checked in November 2012 and were all negative for babinksi etc. I currently have muscle cramps in my left leg, especially the calf area and I feel quite stiff in my legs. I find that even a short walk or taking a few steps is exhausting. My left arm is something that I am mostly worried about as I keep dropping items and cant grip like I use to. My neuro has left me in limbo as he wants to "wait and see" if things progress.
    Your issues sound more like muscle fatigue than muscle weakness. Have you been evaluated for myasthenia gravis? That causes weakness but would present with a normal EMG (at least the type of EMG you got . . . there are other types of EMG's that can detect it). Your swallowing issues are almost assuredly due to anxiety. Excess saliva is not a sign of ALS, unless you were having the inability to swallow the saliva. Given the atrophy and the clean EMG, it sure doesn't sound like ALS to me. How are your reflexes? Have any pathological reflexes been found (Babinski, Hoffman, jaw jerk, etc.)? Do you suffer from any type of muscle spasticity or muscle cramps?
    I'm keeping an eye on the atrophy as I noticed it 2 months ago. The weakness was something that I noticed first, roughly Sept 2012. I feel my speech has somewhat deteriorated as I get asked to repeat some words when I speak to others. Th excessive saliva and wet corners of my mouth is quite bothersome. EMG of the tongue region has been done also.
    Hello Faith. I'm sorry you find yourself here. I'm going to start by asking you some questions. Your neuro said your left calf and arm are smaller but did he/she say that it looked like muscle atrophy? Could your left limbs have always been smaller than the right? Has the atrophy and/or weakness progressed? How long did it take? Did the atrophy happen simultaneously with the weakness or did the weakness precede it? If you say you had weakness for some time before getting the EMG and the EMG was clean, then that weakness cannot be due to a myopathy, motor neuron problems or a neuropathy. Are you having any swallowing or speech problems?
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