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  • Hello Lee,

    So nice to find you here. I haven't been on this site since last April. I've been looking for you on PLM, but have not seen you posting there. I'm very pleased that you seem to have survived your trache/vent installation. I guess I'll have to keep checking in here to see what's going on. Best regards, John
    Hi Allen,

    Thanks for your welcome, and advice.

    I suspect that my Apple iMac and Safari browser don't mesh exactly with this forum. As suggested here, I also tried my Firefox browser, but it still didn't produce the checkbox or drop-down that you specified. All I see on the right end side are 3 blue, active links: “permalink”, “View Conversation” and ”Report”. They don't provide any deletion function.

    But that's okay for now. It may sort itself out after I’ve logged that certain number of posts. That's good advice.

    I finally started on my OSC solution today. You remember? I also wanted to mention before, that I expect nothing from it except perhaps a “stalling” of my progression. Seems worth a shot.
    Hi, Lee.

    Welcome to the board.

    To delete your error on the Visitor Message page, there is a small checkbox at the right end of the first line of the message. Click on that box to select it and go to the bottom of the page. You should see a dropdown box labeled "Moderation". Select "Delete Messages" in that dropdown and click the "Go" button. That should delete your erroneous message.

    By the way, once you've made a certain number of posts (15, I think), you'll have access to the Private Message system, so you'll want to do some posting here and not just lurk.
    Thanks, Lee. I haven't been here much lately, but logged in today to express my sorrow over the passing of Abbas Child. Such a shame.

    -- Steve
    Hello again,

    Well, I was wrong. I've been lurking and I found many good people here (not just three!) including several that I already know from PLM. That's where I’ve been ever since my diagnosis: 9-9-2010.

    Twenty years ago, I moved to Japan from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. My Japanese wife is bilingual and a retired Director of Nurses who still works part time as an assistant in state rehabilitation services. We had a plan: our remodeling for barrier-free life is now done.

    Friends call me an optimist. I like to think that I'm also a realist. Time will tell.
    I've heard good things about this website. I needed to "stretch my legs" so I thought I'd see for myself.
    I know that at least three good people are here. -- Lee
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