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  • Anything you need, buddy. Feel free to shoot me a text. I can bring some information regarding various vitamin "protocols" that have been shown (anecdotally) to potentially slow progression in some individuals. I've already started taking various vitamins, minerals and herbs in an attempt to make an impact. Hopefully you are getting on Neudexta for your bulbar symptoms. I have a friend who says it has helped.

    Talk soon,

    I am so sorry to hear that. Because my issues are Bulbar onset, a phone conversation is difficult for me (affects the speech). We could possibly meet and have coffee/lunch/etc. Please keep me in the loop of your diagnosis.
    Hey Ernie,

    My name is Luke. I actually went to high school in Sugar Land and currently live in the Heights. I'm 34 and awaiting a diagnosis by Dr. Appel next month. Like you, I have always been extremely healthy. My symptoms are different than most people (mild atrophy in upper arm, noticeable change in strength and diffuse muscle twitching). I was hoping everything was benign in nature, but my EMG stated otherwise. Although I have not been told that I have ALS, I assume based on my test results that it's a foregone conclusion...neuro said if it's not my cervical spine then it's likely ALS. Well, according to a prominent neurosurgeon, it's not my spine. So it's not looking good. The fear has been unbearable. I'm so sorry you are going through this right now. I'll pray for you and your family. If you ever want to talk, feel free to reach out to me (832) 725-0301. Might seem odd because you don't know me, but empathy is something very few can offer.

    Be well,
    Thank you so much Kim. My name is Ernie, and my wife is Janice. I have already asked her to join as well. My goal is to be as proactive as possible. We are both on a roller coaster right now, as I have been a healthy person my whole life, eating right, working out, etc. I have never had a substantial health issue at all, and then there is this. Very shaky ground, but with help we will get through it and remain positive.
    Hi! Welcome to the forum but so sorry for your need to be here. If you have a spouse or any other family members they are welcome to join us a well. My name is Kim and my father who will turn 80 this Thursday has ALS. It was 2 years this past May since his diagnosis. He is currently living in a assistant living facility in Dallas near my brother and sister. Look forward to getting to know you on here. We have a thread on here under where it says other called Come for Tea. On that thread we just talk about life in general and get to know one another. Hope to see you post on it sometime as well. We will be here for you. Feel free to laugh and cry with us on here. We care, Kim
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