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  • Hi Denise, I'm 33 and have one son. I have similar symptoms from about 8 months, weakness in arms and hands with hands that want to curl closed...I also have developed weakness in my ankles and feet. I've already seen neuros and had clear MRI and EMG, last neuro says there's something wrong with me but we have to wait to have a diagnosis. If you want to talk I'm here. In my opinion first thing to do is going to your family doctor, he will be able to evaluate your situation and decide to refer you to a neuro.
    Hello Everyone! I am just going to jump right in. My grandfather passed from complications of ALS over 20 years ago. So this may make me overly paranoid. I am worried about the symptoms that I am feeling. My left arm feels week and tired if I used it too much it really tires. Its seems as if as the day goes on the strength in my arm diminishes. My hands seem clumbsy to me. I have trouble grasping things just fumbling when usually I didn't. My hands want to curl closed and ache when I fully extend them. My hands have been this way for at least a year. My arm for about 3 months. I have noticed a difference in my speech. I slurr and stutter my words. I have always spoken clearly. I make a living speaking and typing all day for part of the year. Honest opinions please is it best to see the family doctor or go right to a specialist? Any information would help. Thank you!
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