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    I think it is not the matter of PLS problem .fatigue is caused by many of regions. If you’re stressed, it may be one of the regions. Try to do yoga. If yoga re a regular member of yoga exercises then I am 90% Suring such type of problems would not be able to hurt to in your further life.
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    New here with some UMN disease, possibly PLS?

    I think you should go for a diagnosis. Don’t be late for it. If you have problem of ALS. Then give an effective treatment to it. I hope there will be no such problem occurs with you.
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    ALS Fears Won't Leave Me Alone

    Anxiety disorder problem is common. Everyone wants to get rid of it. The most effective techniques are Yoga, Mindfulness meditation. You can try of these to get rid of Anxiety disorder.
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    How to cope with some things?...

    It is not the matter that god has abandoned you. A problem comes into very person life. But a good person is that who fights with that disease .A disease took away a person to stress. So find a correct method how to treat that particular type disease. Try to do yoga practices to remove such...
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    Totally different person

    Yes of course there are a lot of tests of this disease. Because symptoms of ALS can be similar to those of a wide variety of other, more treatable diseases or disorders, appropriate tests must be conducted to exclude the possibility of that particular type disease. One of these tests is...
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    Anger and ALS

    Things which had happened with you were not good. Sometimes peoples who are good in their habit turn into bad habits due to some problems. If your son starts to do meditation then very soon he will be ok. He should that his father mother and sister are taking care of him but in place of that he...
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    Cough assist

    Suction machine have a mask that covers mouth and nose, and mechanical pressures of 40/40, it forces air into lungs, and then sucks the air back out –by creating a cough. Suction machine goes along with the cough machine which brings up, the suction machine brings out. They have an effective...
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    Take a chance for yoga exercises. I think you will get maximum benefits from it. Some times stress will creates such types of problems, so start to do yoga.
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    Anxiety medications

    Maximum American is affected by anxiety disorder. Yoga is the best exercise to get rid of this. Have you tried it? Mindfulness meditation is also another exercise. Both exercises are very useful for those who are suffering from anxiety disorder. After doing such exercises it has been seen that...