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  • Hi Brad, Yes it is a small world. We were so sad to hear about Chuck and we had planned to attend his funeral but the weather was bad that day. My husband, John, has ALS. He was diagnosed a year ago. He can't walk anymore and his left arm is gone and he has minimal usage of his right hand. He now has a dynovox is starting to get used to it.
    Hi! I saw your pictures you posted when you went shark fishing. I'm sure that was fun as long as you didn't encounter Jaws. lol I went deep sea fishing just one time in Florida once but we didn't go out very far so I didn't get a real great experience but I did enjoy it. Definitely, not like fishing in a lake for sure. How are your kids? Our twins will turn 16 next month. I'm not thrilled about have two brand new driver's in the family. Yikes! Take care, Kim
    We were good friends with Chuck and Robin. Our boys worked for them and lived in the house behind the restaurant. I think you know may also know my niece Kelly. And last week, I talked to Dennis Bradford.
    Thought I'd drop by to say Hi! I've been busy going to alot of baseball games lately of our two sons. My dad who has ALS really enjoys going to them and getting some fresh air. The kid's park where they play is in the same subdivision as my dad so its convenient for my dad's caretaker to take him. Dad is getting his first electric wheelchair in a few days through the VA. He is excited because he'll be able to go outside on his own. His caretaker will still keep a good eye on him. My mom and dad used to own movie theatres while we were growing up in town. Dad is a big movie buff. My brother got dad Netflix and dad absolutely loves it. What type of movies do you like too watch. I like comedies and movies with alot of suspense. But, not gory ones. lol Take care, Kim
    Thinking of you again. I agree with Elaine (Ottawa girl) when she mentioned praying. It will help you. You can even let God you're angry. He'll listen and give you the strength. Your kids do love you but it is so hard for them to understand this disease. Have quiet chats with them. Tell them what you did when you were their age. Your wife still wants to be your bestfriend. You just got to let her. This disease takes a toll on everyone. Vent on here and let it al out. We're here to listen. I am unfortunately going through a divorce right now and sometimes feel so low I can hardly move. Then the person I love the most in my world (my dad) has ALS. Life just ain't a happy picnic. We all need each other. Take care and take baby steps to start feeling better and accepting things. You can do it. Kim
    Oh man! So sorry you are feeling so low. Your children do love you! We PALS face a hard road. I too have examined my life - of course it's never what we may have dreamed it would be. But, at the end of the day, if you can answer yes! I have cared for and supported my family... That's the biggest and most important achievement. It's sacred. I also believe your wife is still your best friend. Are you hers? It's tough for a CAL. They do all the heavy lifting. They hear our whining and sometimes the lines blur. Relationships change. We can unwittingly stop being lovers. We become disgruntled. Please, take it easy on yourself and love your family, even if you feel they don't love you back. You are still you. You are more than a beard. You can do more than watch tv - you can write a journal about your life, or advice for your sons or a love letter to your wife. We are all, each of us, going to die. Make every day count. Praying helps me! I'll keep you in my thoughts. Write me anytime.
    Hey Brad,

    Just thought I'd better check to make sure you got my re-send to your hotmail address. I gave it to Mike, and he plans to resend his as well.
    Hi! Just dropped by and looked at your picture albums. Are those two good looking young men your sons? They are very handsome. I read that you are feeling depressed and angry. Who wouldn't with this horrendous disease. I would strongly recommend getting on a low dose of a antidepressant. My dad who has ALS was on Paxil for awhile and it really helped. I currently take Paxil as well because I naturally suffer from depression. Please also take the advice of Elaine (Ottawa girl) and try to get some sunshine when you can. It will help at least a little bit. Plus, stay away from negative people or things as much as possible. Hang in there. We care, Kim
    So happy to hear from you. Sorry to hear about depression. We do have a crappy disease! I started on anti depressants. Wellbutrin. In addition to mood elevation, it boosts energy a bit. Seems to help me. What are you doing each day? Can you get out and get a few rays? This winter was sooooo long. I felt closed in, but now happy for the longer days. Please write me more often. We will get through this together!!
    No need to apologise, and particularly no need to be embarrassed. There's a thread, back in the dawn of time, written by someone in the forums, one of the great people who we have lost, about his adventures in trying to provide the material for IVF treatment...
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