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  • It's been several years since I last logged into this forum. I was an emotional mess then. Months of repeated reassurance from incredibly patient folks on this forum, friends, family and many doctors helped me navigate the stress and anxiety. While my physical symptoms were very real, so was the crippling fear that followed. It took a while to finally admit I did not have ALS. Today, I'm stable, twitches and all. :)
    Yeah, since my symptoms have begun in Sept, the atrophy in my arm is still just limited to my thumb base and my forearm flexor. I have twitching all over...it isnt all the time, but i mean it happens pretty often, most commonly in my left tricep and calf muscles. I can still do all of my tasks, etc, but I have found myself stumbling over words and just pronouncing them wrong. I am on anti-depressants, so my mind isn't focused on it much at all. Hopefully my return trip to Emory in June doesn't show the doc any new signs.
    Hi Erin, I just wanted to let you know that symptoms are very similar to you ,and they started 13 years ago, for about 2.5-3 years, in which I had them constantly, and was feeling I was getting worse by the day. Then they stopped for at least 10 years and I was symptom free until now, that they started to re appear, very strongly. I hope everything is well with you and that you find the answers you seek. Keep us posted. Good luck and God bless. Ana
    Hey Erin! I just wanted to say that if you needed anyone to speak with regarding your diagnositic process, I'm here. I am kind of in the same boat, though I had a tentative diagnosis of something called Parsonage-Turner Syndrome, which is actual more rare than ALS. I have been symptomatic since Sept and have gone through so much testing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    On 24.10. I did Magnetic resonance imaging in there to install : at the LEVEL of L5-S1 Paramedian hernia of the intervertebral disc with compression of the right root. Not visible secondary canal stenosis on the basis of ligamentary and facet hypertrophy. " In the last 2-3 months appear twitching thighs, arm muscles as biceps, shoulder, buttocks. I have 2 new EMG. The doctor said that currently there is no data for ALS, but I am very worried because I read on the internet that diagnosis difficult place.Please, Your comment to research and do fasciculation or my diagnosis is ALS. Please for help. Thank you in advance
    When will the abbreviation KV designated maximum muscle contraction, you will leave in diluted record. Conduction velocity in motor and sensory fibers investigated nerves and amplitude of muscle and sensory responses are the norm. The percentage of F-waves for C6,C7,C8, TH1 and decreases strongly pronounced for L4, L5 and the extra long latency S1 are bilateral. The amplitude of H-reflex from m.soleus sin. slightly reduced. EMG data for front root damage are C6,C7,C8,TH1 and strong L4,L5,S1 and easy rear root damage to S1 SIN. Showed no evidence of anterior horn damage.
    HI! This is my story.I have a big concern that I want to share with You! About 6 months my fascicularia feet. At first it was on the right calf, then shifted to the left, and today appeared right reed. Of the things I found on the Internet right I was scared and it has been a month of sleep ever take me. Went on a few neurology, drank what do pills but nothing helps. Already my personal doctor even I prescribe antidepressants. On the 10th day of twiching I did and EMG here is the result of the survey. At rest is from mm.the gastrocnemius muscle you will leave one of fasciculation. Data denervation in the tested muscles will not.
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