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  • Hi Eric,
    How are you doing? My dad is holding his own for having this monster. He is losing more and more use or his arm and hands now. But, he is still able to talk, eat, and breath yet pretty good. He used to own movie theatres while we were young so my dad is a huge fan of Netflix right now. My brother also usually takes him out to the movies on the weekends. Take care, Kim
    Hi Eric,
    What a nice name you have! We named our youngest who's 10 Eric. lol I am so sorry for your need to be here. But, you will find tremendous support here. You might eventually even ask your wife if she'd like to join and also get support. My dad is 79 and has ALS. This month marks 2 years since his diagnosis. He is in the clinical trial of the drug acthatar (sp?) but he hasn't noticed changes one way or the other taking it. Maybe, they have some different trial you could be in? It's worth trying. Hang in there. We care on here. Feel free to vent or even rant on here whenever you want. We all understand. Kim
    Hi Eric. Just a note to let you know you are not alone. I received my diagnosis at the Mayo just before last Christmas. It is hard to cope. Just want you to know that things are not totally bleak. I was declared totally disabled by my neuro just last week. I still maintain a positive attitude through it all by acknowledging my wonderful family and maintaining the attitude that every day will be my best. You are a bit younger than I but still....somewhat like you I live for my work. I am fortunate to have a very supportive employer that gives me a lot of leeway. I wish you the best in your future and want you to know if you need an ear to bend, a piece of advice or just a *****ing post there are people out there who know your struggle. Happy to help whenever
    I was recently diagnosed with PLS in late March 2014. I'm 47 and a father of a now 13 & 9 year old. I remarried in Oct of 2013 and my new bride and I never saw this coming. We feel like we've been hit by a freight train. I am/was extremely active. I help coach football and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A few years ago I had finally landed by dream job working in the automotive aftermarket working with Racing Teams on performance braking systems. I traveled extensively for work and drove some of the worlds supercars and racecars . . . I am no longer employed and am working on getting long term disability (at my companies encouragement) as I am no longer able to do my job. What the heck happened? Now what? I am headed to the Mayo Clinic in a few weeks for a diagnosis confirmation, but my docs are certain that it is PLS. I'm feeling lost . . sad . . a just a little worthless.
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