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  • Ive read back through your posts and really, really think you need to go to the bfs forum. I'm a member on it, and it's fantastic. Feel free to pm me here if you would like, or on the bfs as well. My user name there is colls22. I know youre just trying to figure things out, but at this point, nobody here is going to reassure you anymore.
    Like the others have said, quit posting until you have seen a doc tor. Have the tests done. Right now you are just adding fuel to the fire and there wasn't any flame to start with.
    Good luck to you.
    Please quit posting until you have visited a neuro, if you are concerned you have ALS. You are beginning to look very foolish. I mean that in the kindest way possible.
    Have you visited your doctor yet? If not, please do so for your peace of mind. If so, what were his/her findings?
    Please listen. Anything is possible. It is highly unlikely, but never say never I guess. Have you asked this on the aboutbfs site?
    hi i know unknown neurological symptoms can be worrying . i have twitchig and atrophy and a few strange test result and i worry very much but do go see your doctor first. Anxiety wont help your symptoms so try and keep calm . i am here in you need to chat best wishes. where are you in the Uk
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