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  • You've been lambasted by Clearwater Al. On the snowy doctor post. I don't understand it. No wonder I never post-ever. It's sad we feel we can't express ourselves when we are not diagnosed.
    Look at the pics of my atrophy in my album. Click my name, scroll down and look on the right side for albums. Open the one called atrophy.
    Energy I quit posting long ago due to being dismissed, etc. I don't get the negativity but it's there each day by some. Bless you! Wish I could pm you.
    My nerve impingement was caused by a bone spur, but also due to a ruptured disc that I sustained, ironically while transferring an ALS patient from a bed to a stretcher. I went to an intensive full time 6 week rehab program after that and returned to work When months went by and I was taking Gabapentin to deal with the pain, I was sewing a shirt, and had to measure my biceps to make sure the bands would fit, and discovered the 3 inch difference. While rubbing that arm that night to deal with the pain, I realized how much atrophy there was as I could clearly feel my arm bone. I insisted on seeing a neurosurgeon, who did do the surgery, removing the disc, replacing it with a metal disc, and fusing that joint with 2 titanium plates. He said that the impingement was far worse than the MRI had shown, and he had to runge out the hardened disc gel and bone. I feel blessed to have the function of that arm, and no pain. Had another 6 weeks of physic.
    My husband was diagnosed 7/12, 4 month after his first symptoms. He was tripping and falling a lot, and when he was tired he developed right foot drop. He drove and 18 wheeler and unloaded up to 40,000 lbs of food stuff, by dolly in 2 days, twice a week. He started having fasciculations in Mar., and a 30lb weight loss by May. He was extremely athletic and we mountain biked when we could. When he no longer could keep up with me I knew there was a major problem. Since his GP did not feel he needed to be investigated for ALS, he continued to work, and get his routes done. At the end of May he was mugged at work and knocked out, and WCB started doing work ups as he was not recovering. 2 weeks later after multiple MRIs, EMG, neuro-psychological work up, and seeing orthopaedic specialist he was cut off, with a reason that he had a pre-existing progressive neurological condition.
    . He had not seen a neurologist. Finally in July I managed to get him to a neurologist with all his test results, and ALS was diagnosed on the spot. He was then referred to Texas Neurology for a second confirmation. My husband has progressed rapidly, and now is functioning as a quadriplegic. He retains his speech and the ability to talk, but does require a sip & puff ventilator to assist with his breathing. God has blessed us, over and over again, and Tim shares his story with anyone who wants to know. His spirit is amazing, and all that meet him are struck with his light.
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