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  • Steve,

    Thank you so much. It's so difficult because I do really see the symptoms! I have definite atrophy on my right side where my waist is and real right arm weakness. My middle finger on my left hand isn't moving like it should.
    Hi encarrol,

    Read our post, wow! You definitely have some things going on, but, as the other member said, none of it sounds like als. Be happy! You do not want it to be als, I promise. The problem for people doing Google searches is that any word like 'twitch', 'jerk', or even 'muscle' sends them to the als site.

    So, it's not your fault, it's Google's. It is also common for people to decide that als best fits their symptoms from their search. But, in reality, none of your symptoms really fit. Take some more time to read all of the sticky notes here, and all of the threads you can. You will begin to see that they do not match.

    Go to the Dr., listen closely, get a second opinion if you don't agree. But please stop adding to your problems thinking its als........at least not until you have gone through all the rigorous tests and eliminations necessary to determine als.

    Hang tough,
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