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  • Hi Ells
    I just wondered how you are doing, i hope you are well.
    Are you on facebook, maybe we could keep in touch there
    Hi, i understand, probably a stupid question to ask. It was a good night.
    I'm pretty good, a few changes but nothing major.
    How are you coping nowadays, is there anything you need?
    Hi Ells

    No i think you're right to ask for the visit, thats what they are there for. Never be afraid to ask. I missed my own last appointment but you cant make them all, we are 50 mile from the clinic.

    I'm doing pretty good, we had a break in Spain a few weeks ago and i had to hire a mobility scooter for a few days as i couldn't hack the walking. But the kids had great craic steering it ;)
    I kept my news private for a while and then i was asked to front the awareness campaign for mnd for june, maybe you've seen the big redhead on me :)
    Lets hope it will raise vital funds to hold on to this 3rd mnd nurse.

    Oh I'm so pleased you can still have some chocolate and your kids were home. It's just not Easter without kids and/ or chocolate:) I did end up getting a bidet and the timing was perfect . ;)
    Hi Ells, how's things. I didn't consider you had to use eye gaze, I'm sorry, I understand. This condition is amazing the way it can vary so much. I know what you mean about the clinic, I left after waiting over 4 hours before.
    Hi Ells
    I'm delighted to hear you are doing well. Did you do anything nice for St Patricks Day?
    Do you mind me asking whats svc? Do you have your wheelchair long, I hope they give you a good one.
    I'm doing pretty good, still walking although I've had a fall or two. But so far so good, diagnosed 1 year last month. I normally go to clinic every 2 months but I missed last visit. We were busy as we are extending the house for my future needs. The kids are also keeping us busy, my eldest girl is 3 on the 29th.
    You'll be able to put a face to my name shortly, I will be telling my story to raise awareness for the Mnd campaign for June, they tell me it will be posters on Dublin Bus and a few interviews, I'm happy to help and it should help raise vital funds to keep our 3rd nurse. Maybe you might have spotted me at Beaumount before, if you do again don't be a stranger, I make great tea :)
    Look after yourself and keep fighting
    I seen how much further along you are, 9-10 years is amazing and says a lot about your strength. Your top tip is fantastic, we're definitely going to try and get one :)
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