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  • Hey Egbar, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Kind of Jealous here it's probley warm there. enjoy
    I am soo sorry to hear of your friend's loss. I am sorry to hear of you and your wife. I wouldn't wish this disease or its journey on anyone. Thank you for your kind words. *hugs*
    Thank you. I really appreciate it. Just still trying to come to grips with my reality of being a widow at the ripe "old" age of 32. Can't seem to get my head around it all. Thank you again.
    i dont post anything on here new bc i know the hype i will get back and stir up.. i know i cant get a diagnosis on here nor can anyone only a neuro can do that i will tell u since the constant crampy and stuff has been going on it has pretty much sent me over the hill.. i just wish i could get some sorta adivce or something... but i cant.. i have to wait it out.. unfourtunly.
    no actually i have a DX of NOTHING! yet
    neuro told me that i had some fibs and fasics (well technician told me who performd this) and my ncv was perfectly normal.. it has been all of 8m now and nothing physically had changed any, i have been on the BFS fourm a lot lately to easy my mind some but hey to be honest i dont feel like have of them even have what i have going on. i also have the syper jerks drop things trip iam twiching even more then i was before now my rt hand has been bothing me my middle finger twichs NON STOP i am crampy and achy middle finger more so very uncomy i think the constant twicths are making my wrist sore thats the only explation. NVC was perfectly normal cahrlie horses are staring in feet. what am i supposed to think? this is all beign?.. i think its als
    thanks for the message.. unfourtunly i wish i could tell you i was better... i have new things happening.. and noone i can feel can or would even be able to help me out with this..but my finger in is startsing to jerk eveytime i press it crampy achy .. my emg had fibs and facis on it... wrist hurts.. . but srry for that mini rant and vent just flusterd!..but gota keep it all in!
    No snow for me jet. Every year at this time I say I am moving to the Carolina's, but I seem to still be here. Hard for us to move with the family getting up in age. One day...........Did you see that Ravens game last sunday. WOW . O.J. Brigade #57 the player with ALS selling t-shirts for his birthday all money goes to ALS research. cool looking
    Thanks for the inquiry. Yes we are keeping on doing what needs to be done daily. Hope and pray that you are doing the same. Walkathon for ALS was last weekend. I was down with a bad cold, but sis and the team went to Nashville. It turned out raising over $250,000 for ALS. That was a great help I am sure.

    Take care of you shuga pie.... Hugs 'n' kisses... talk to you soon. :) Kaye
    Saw the post where you mention your Bouviers... 3rd best thing to come out of the Belgian area, after some great beers and pump shotguns! And I hear ya about liking the dogs better than most people! Hope you're doing well.
    Grand Central at our house this AM! Took delivery of my PWC. Looks like it will get around the house very nicely. We'll have to remove the bathroom door and perhaps the door stop moldings, adjust a couple pieces of furniture and add a bit of something to the threshold at a couple of doors, but other than those few minor alterations all is well. We're so fortunate in the layout of this house. Snoop Dog has already had a ride about the house. Max is hiding under the bed! Hope you have a pleasant one!.....Deb
    Sure, in the lower right of your profile page mine says "Show All Albums". You don't have any yet so I'm not sure if you have that but I imagine you do. Click on that and it will take you to where your albums will be after you download. In the lower left it says "Add Album". Click on that and it will take you to a box for browsing your pictures you have downloaded to your computer. You need to select each picture individually filling up each spot with a different address/picture selection. Then click on yes or download or something like that. How ever many pictures you've selected determines how long it takes to download. I hope this is clear but if it isn't then let me know and I'll give you my phone number and we can do it that way. Let me know. Hugs!
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