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  • So sorry youare going through this. Your wife is amazing. Some say When the going get tough, the tough get going, & keep going and going, nothing can stop them when it comes to the ones they love. She is an amazing person who loves you so much. Don't hesitate going to the ER. I had one aunt that got this stuff Fleabitis, bloodclot from an airplane ride, She died.My husband's aunt got a blood clot riding from Louisianne to Md. They stopped every 2 hours and she took asprin twice a day. It reached her lung.She got out of the hospital last week. These are healthy ALS free people. I can't lose you too, not to something we can stop. You have such a great attitude.
    You little stinker! I just read your most recent blog. You could have killed yourself! Your wife would have killed you had you gone and died while away! LOL! Anyway, if something like this happens again you get yourself to the ER right away, hear me? Don't make me come over there!
    Hugs to you and your gorgeous wife.
    Actually 2011 has been quite humbling and I've learned a lot. Looking for a better 2012 and wish the same for you and yours! Hugs to you my friend!
    Hi Toots! I read your blog. Sorry about your tumble! I left you a comment there regarding AFOs. Be careful with yourself Buddy, ;)
    Hey there E,

    I dont do News Years anymore havent in a long , long, long, long , loooonnng time....LOL. But Wow I feel honored to have been asked on a date first one in 15 years....WOW! (blushing) I Hope things turn around in the new year. I also Hope you have a great one! {{{{HUGS}}}
    Hi E,
    Thanks, it was perfect. Nina had a ball so that's what counts. We were supposed to head over to St Augustine this week but Bill is so busy with work. We go on the Disney cruise Feb 2nd. All is well here!
    Happy New year.
    wow! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing Gorgeous! I already have a date for New Years Eve but you're welcome to come with! Truth be known, we'll probably br sleeping by midnight as usual. We're not the party animals that I may portray. ;) Don't tell anyone. Thanks for stoping by! Hey, how is your breathing? Xoxo
    Merry Christmas, EGBAR......have a double egg nog with me to celebrate that we can still enjoy the holiday. Hope you are doing well.
    Turn that frown upside down. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you, hoping you and the Fam have a great holiday. Kind of unfair your daughter work could not give her off, but hey we can celebrate Christmas any day of the year, the love of family don't have to be on a certain date. I feel you are part of my family, we are fisherman/ crabber's here. Have a wonderful Christmas:)
    IO totally understand, we all have to take a break or we end up in a depressing funk. No good for the Family and the holiday season. Enjoy:)
    Hello E,
    Have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year. I hope you and the family have fun.
    Egbar, thanks for the note. Everthing is same same. Trying to muddle thru, what else can we do. Sometimes life sucks, but we try to put that smile on and say everything is OK. Hope & pray you feel better soon............Big Hugs!
    Have not seen you on in awhile, thats good I think, it means you are busy. I am sure your daughter is coming home for Christmas. I was checking out your pictures, you have such a beautiful family, your wifey is beautiful. Your son who just got married is ssssssssHOT< HOT<HOT.
    Your brothers look like they are a fun bunch, to bad they had to throw back that snapper, that would have been so good stuffed with a crab meat stuffing. Happy Holidays to you and the fam.
    Hi Egbar, LOL Yes, it does make sense... just as much sense as when I said I was "glad" to know I have ALS... awk-ward! Glad to have an answer, but not glad that the answer is so crappy. In any case, thanks for the welcome! ~ Sarah
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