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  • Well it is Ben1985 but it is still edwards5257 on my standalone, with the standalone computer I should be able to PM you at some point, I will try and do that soon. Sorry for the misinformation, etc. Arghhhhhh!
    Friend me with your new name. You changed to edwards5257 a while back because the 5256 wouldnt work.
    I wll pm you at some point, I go back April 7th, yup farigue is unbearable, again I am sorry for not getting on this stand alone computer more often, forgive me. My edwards5256 just won't accept a password, bummer since this was set up long ago and I forgot my password. I am now Ben1985 on my iPad, but can't pm, hopefully this stand alone computer will continue to let me be the above user name and not Ben1985. Arrrgh, glad of your November report.
    I have been so worried about you. I saw my dr in st louis back in nov. Had to do a sleep study and there is nothing wrong there. The fatigue is terrible. Pm me when you can. I peek in often. Take care.
    I'm sure TheMackle appreciates your support. I've noticed from the ledger you're an everyday viewer and your bio says you interested in learning about ALS/MND. Being you've logged in nearly everyday I'd hope you've read enough and learned enough to understand. Being that you have not been diagnosed with any MND and you not posting is understood. But that implication to TheMackle that you may have been abused was rather unfounded. I suspect you disagree with me because I see you've visited my info page, maybe several times. Ok, I fail to understand why anyone who has not been diagnosed with any MND and possibly never will be diagnosed with any MND would lurk in the shadows everyday. Your first Thread was July of 2012! Your last Thread was of October 2013! I say this kindly, I'd give some thought to letting go of this Forum
    Hi Edward,
    I think they still want you to be a member and partcipate on the forum. I think they just don't want undiagnosed people posting on the DIHALS section. But, I don't think they were referring to you. I admit I tend to be way to harsh with alot of them at times. But, some of the posts are so utterly outlandish that I want to choke the people who write them. I feel some just come on here to make fun of people who have ALS. You can still lend alot of support. Please participate. What do they think is going on with you right now? Kim
    Merry Christmas Edward! How are things going for you? I don't see you post very much. Come on a join our conversations. You can Come to Teal or the Pub is open. We want you to be active member. Kim
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