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  • Hi ed,

    I also decided to have a feeding tube, PEG, inserted early. Have bulbar. For me I was having trouble swallowing, especially water, started using thickner and was glad I did the tube so to keep calories at a good amount. A nutritionist spoke to me after the procedure to let me know what amount I needed. The procedure went well, pain normally associated with such a procedure. Wise to have it before other functions become impaired.
    Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

    God bless, kc
    I decided to have a feeding tube inserted early, even though I am still able to eat most things. But I am also aware that there would come a time when it would be necessary. I have noticed that some things get stuck in my throat a lot easier than before. So for me it was better early than later.
    Nighthawk has bulbar and he is doing good w.o a tube. You might want to write him. Take care
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