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  • Hi Nikki - I wanted to say thank you for reaching out to me back in August. I have pretty much stayed away from this site to avoid self diagnosing. Muscle biopsy results came back with nerve damage "consistent with MMN"?, but do not have a definitive DX yet. I regained some muscle control in my tongue, but lost mobility in both hands. I start IVIG on Thursday . . . crossing my fingers for good results.
    It looks like Dr Weinberg has a specialty in EMGs and neuromuscular issues so he should be a good person to see. Heaven forbid it is thought to be ALS though MGH is set up with an excellent ALS clinic and has leading ALS doctors so I would want to go there in the end. But hopefully they are looking at something else. Let Dr Weinberg do his thing!
    Everybody in the ALS group at MGH is good. My sister sees Dr Merit Cudkowicz the chief. I have had a research visit with Dr James Berry he is great too. I hope you do not need them!
    Hi tried to post advice but post got moderated! Try to find out tomorrow what EMG showed, what he thinks after examining you and what next. If ALS is a possibility get your pcp to send you to MGH
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