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  • Hello, DY56. Welcome. You just sent a Visitor Message to yourself, so nobody will see it. May I recommend posting in the Do I Have ALS forum. To get there from here, look up to the big red Donate Today button. Just below it is a blue link to the ALS/MND Support Group. Click that. Then you'll see a list of forums. Choose Do I Have ALS. Good luck.
    Hi I'm really scared. I went from golfing 4-5 times a week to not functioning in a month. Is it normal for als to progress that fast or am I just one of the unlucky ones

    2 weeks ago I started losing weight and now my muscles are wasting very noticeable. I was stuffed up in June and July thought just from the rain then my breathing started. Now my lower limbs rad so weak and arms going to. I'm so scared I have the most progressive one going. Had numerous tests but everything normal. I need a neurologist but by the time I get into one it won't matter anyways. Please help I've been to hospital 4 times. I just feel my whole body is under attack. I am a 56 yr old female
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