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  • My Dad has been recently diagnosed with MND ( its ben a little more than a month). As per The Dr. it is currently effecting lower Motor Neurons Only. As advised, we carried out EMG. NCV and all blood tests. Only acute Vitamin D deficiency was observed. All other tests were normal. NCV and EMG showed clear signs on Lower Motor Neuron damage in both hands and legs. However The physical affect is limited to both hands only and no affect in legs.
    regular dose of vitamin D was started and we were giving him coconut oil massage (its been over a month).
    we have observed improvement in muscle strength in both hands and also thumb movement.
    Earlier he was unable to hold spoon using thumb but now has no problem.
    Also the grip of both hand has considerably improved.
    We discussed the case with neurophysician but he dismissed the improvement saying it is a normal process.

    This was really heartbreaking. Should we hope something good may happen or is it a false hope. Please suggest.
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