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  • Your painful finger and cramps and muscle fatigue and burning have nothing to do with ALS.
    Twitching doesn't happen in the eyes and calves and hand at the same time.
    If you have something, it isn't ALS. Keep your appointment with your psychiatrist.
    Hi Dutch,
    To be quite honest I'm not a expert on all the ALS symptoms but alot of the member on here are and I totally respect their vast knowledge of it since they have lived through it first hand. I personally think you should see a psychiatrist first. I wouldn't spend money on a neurologist again just yet. Maybe, ask the opinion of your primary physician if you have one. We keep asking you repeatedly to stay off the internet as far as your symptoms are concerned and you keep on doing it. There comes a point where you have to take care of yourself. Life is hard and I assure you I have plenty of my own issues to deal with. Take care and please log off now and try to enjoy your life. Maybe, plan a fun activity for your class as a surprise. Kim
    Hey! Why are you still logged on when you told us you were leaving. I can't understand really why you'd want to even be on here if you don't have ALS? It just boggles my mind. I would think I could find some other way to spend my time. Why not spend time volunteering somewhere and helping others if you have spare time? That would take the focus off of yourself and keep your mind occupied.
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