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    Anterior horn cell disorder

    I agree with Laurie's recommendations. Understand that the anterior horn cells are also known as lower motor neurons, and lower motor neuron disease is a form of ALS. Motor neuron disease spreads from solely upper motor neuron symptoms (PLS-primary lateral sclerosis) at one end of the spectrum...
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    Sorry, it's been a couple of busy weeks. Questions?

    Sorry, it's been a couple of busy weeks. Questions?
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    The question is: What can't you do? Can you walk on your toes? On your heels? Can you jump...

    The question is: What can't you do? Can you walk on your toes? On your heels? Can you jump? Climb stairs? Can you button a shirt? Can you open a can? A bottle? A locked door? You used the word "feel" about 37 times in your post, but ALS is about failing, not feeling. And 24 is too young for ALS.
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    going for EMG scared

    I agree with Atsugi. Weak feeling legs are not a symptom of ALS. Can't stand on your toes, can't walk on your heels, can't jump off the ground... those are important symptoms. ALS is about failing, not feeling.
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    3 years of symptoms. Slow progressing?

    "My random hand clumsiness comes...And then it fades the next day. Then returns a couple weeks later with whole hand clumsiness for a week or longer. Then it fades some, and the cycle repeats." Does not sound at all like an ALS symptom. "I read about how people say they have symptoms for 7...
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    Shoulder Pain...

    I also have some shoulder pain, but not as severe as yours. My symptoms are predominantly clinical weakness in bilateral legs and left hand, but I do also have some left shoulder pain. I believe the muscles are not supporting the arm and therefore the arm feels like it is being tugged down out...
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    Scared and worried not sure if it's als

    PN will show up on an EMG. Like Nuts said, "Relax. Keep your appointment, but don't mention ALS"... or PN... "Let the neuro do his job."
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    difference between als and Charcot Marie Tooth

    CMT or ALS? CMT is a disease of the peripheral nerves, that is, the motor and/or sensory nerves, affecting the myelin (CMT type 1, 4 and X) or the nerve axon (CMT Type 2). Therefore the problem is between the neurons in the spinal column and the muscles. A nerve conduction study will generally...
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    Similar Experiences? ALS Anxiety?

    Does not sound like ALS to me. Twitching is so common as to be not diagnostic of anything. Feeling "tingly" is not an ALS symptom. I think your pick (and your doctor's) of anxiety is probably spot on. Carpal tunnel (or someform of nerve impingement) is also a possibility if chilling out (or...
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    Barbie's Ken Doll

    Been off the site for a few days and was totally shocked to read your post. It was slow coming... and then so fast. At least it does sound as though he went peacefully. Condolences and prayers...
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    Does my dad have ALS?

    Fibrillations (fibs) are an indicator of denervation. The report does mention "some fibrillations" and "occasional fibrillations" so I would not say there is no mentions of fibs, just that they do not appear to be terribly significant. With the little we have of the EMG, I could not say that it...
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    Localized twitching & anxiety - thank you

    Read the Sticky. You have no symptoms of ALS.
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    Still scared more Symptoms...

    "... the only thing is that they are a bit slower than normal........... So failed that i think." Nerve speed is measured during the Nerve Conduction Study (NCS), not the EMG (the test with the needles), so I think you are wrong is believing you failed your EMG. The "bit slower than normal"...
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    Why ALS and not PLS?

    This is from an older post of mine, but is relevant to your question... The ALS, PLS, PMA Name Debate Gowers, a founder of British neurology, stated in 1899 that he had never encountered a single case of PMA in which the pyramidal tracts (UMN) were unaffected. He did not think the introduction...
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    Get copies of all his tests, especially the NCS and EMGs. Some places will have them immediately; others may take a week to ten days for your copies. You should get the results verbally immediately. Ask questions. Remember that ALS is a disease of widespread, acute (current) and chronic (old)...