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  • Dusty,
    Here is the rest of my message as it wouldn't allow the full on one post:
    My doctor does not seem concerned at this time, but she hasn't tested anything other than numerous blood tests & heart. The only other symptoms I notice are sometimes a sensation of weakness/shakiness/tingling especially in the area I am twitching in at the time. That strange sensation seems to change location along with the twitches. I was wondering how concerned should I be about this? Part of me wants to push the doctor towards more testing, another part of me is afraid to do that and just wants to accept it's the med causing this. I think it's worth noting that the doctor started me on the med after a panic attack and anxiety over thinking I had something wrong with my pancreas and I was buzzing/tingling in my hands and feet. Then came the twitching a couple of days after starting the Fluoxetine. Any feedback will be so appreciated, thank you. This disease is terrible, I pray everyday for a cure.

    My thread was closed so I thought I'd reach out to you here. I'm still twitching (approx 8 weeks now) tends to move from area to area. One day it will be in my left arm, one day my right shoulder, one day my calf, and sometimes twitches here or there random through the day, even my face. I can go a day or two and not have or notice them, sometimes they are continuous in one area (such as today right underneath my right arm). Yesterday it was the inside of my left elbow. I'm holding out hope that the Fluoxetine is what is causing these twitches (they started within a few days after starting the med, and the dosage was just increased last week). I come back here to check on other people who twitch to see how they are making out to reassure myself but of course end up reading about someone who started with twitching and was then diagnosed (I understand they may have not noticed clinical weakness that they had, but I'm not noticing any either).
    Hey Dusty,

    Just want to get a better understanding of common onset. In your post which was very nice you write that als onset is typical sudden. Descriptions on the als site seem to say the opposite, that it is typically a gradual onset. I could talk more about my situation but figured I'd start by getting a better idea of the magnitude of initial onset.


    I've been away from the Forum for a couple weeks working on other crisis stuff (my wife's, not mine). I see nothing in your posts that says ALS. The big thing about ALS is that it is about failure--it does not come on gently. It is usually very recognizable because there are suddenly things you can't do. And it's not about a toe or a pinkie; it's usually about failure in hands or calves, big failure--can't stand on toes or heels, can't turn key or button blouse. Not feels more difficult, CAN'T. Stay healthy, enjoy life.
    Hi Dusty-

    I'm hoping this is my final day on the forum. I have worn out my welcome I know. My intention was never to disrespect anyone. I know you are the one that wrote the sticky, so I'm coming to you, just hoping you hear me out. I know most of my sensory stuff and all over twitching are probably something else. I guess I really panicked when I noticed my left big toe drops a little more than right big toe, at first when I tried to bend I couldn't. But the next day I could bend it decently, I can move it up and down just fine. And, my walking is just fine. Didn't know if I should be concerned or not? I few people already said no.
    I had noticed that your post to others about EMG's has changed from ALS being a disease of widespread acute & chronic denervation to being one of acute denervation and chronic reinnervation or acute denervation, chronic denervation with reinnervation. Which is it? Haha.
    Hey Dusty - had a follow-up appt with my neurologist down in GA today and he was perplexed at my tests. The EMG & MRI weren't consistent, so he is sending me to get a lumbar MRI to see if my leg issues stem from something in my back as my right leg is having issues as well. He also pointed out the atrophy of my left hand and how it is beginning in my right APB. With my symptoms, there is no clinical weakness, yet there are signs of atrophy. Anything you can think of when it comes to this? Seems odd that these symptoms have occured progressively over a matter of months, yet the EMG only sensed issues in my left arm with my right arm beginning to experience things too. I guess if it were from MND and i am having symptoms, it would show on emg. Is hand dexterity LMN?
    Hey - I hate to be a bother, but just wanted to follow up with you regarding my EMG results. Posted the changes seen in an earlier message, regarding chronic reinnervation changes. Totally understand if you choose not to respond as you are going though so much...I cannot even imagine and I am super grateful for your original response. Anyways, I hope you are well and thank you for being such a good influence on a forum for a disease that has very little positive attitude.
    Hi Dusty,
    I got a visitor message from that guy that they banned right away too. His name was Moshenhali or something weird like that. Asking about EMG's. I didn't respond. I do respond to the DIHALS section and tell people to read the stickies. I don't respond to stuff I'm not sure about. I'm far from expert on ALS so I try to let you or others answer specific questions. But, some of the stuff people post are so off the charts it's hard to bite my tongue. When they keep repeating themselves after they get a reply is irritating. I like the two response rule and I love that they are locking more posts. Take care. Kim
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