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  • and my entire mouth taste just like metal all the time and I have dry mouth and cotton mouth all the time and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, I get hot all over I start turning red.
    and my throat is weak and have trouble swallowing and sometimes when I began to swallow I will have this weird spasm in my throat and it stops me from swallowing for a couple seconds! And I get these low blood sugar attacks to off and on throughout the day where I get really weak and shaky all over, but my sugar levels are always normal and I get buzzing sensations in feet and other places in the body, especially after moving around,
    I have twitches in my palms all the time when I try to grasp something and hold for a second, my stomach muscles are weak and they are stiff and when used they also stiffen up to where I can't use the muscles in my stomach, and when I use any muscle after I have used it starts twitching like crazy, so like if I sneeze or cough of course your muscles will contract in your stomach and then they will start twitching I have constant trouble breathing like inside my chest is weak and around my ribs I have muscle twitches all over 24/7! I have trouble getting my words out of my mouth, like i feel blank in my mind and I don't know what to say I studder my words really bad, and it feels like my brain isn't connecting to my mouth or my tongue to make me talk, and also my tongue feels fatigued and weak and it also stiffens up to and I get small twitches on my tongue
    it feels like my brain isn't controlling the movements right in my legs and arms, like the signals are not getting there from the brain, and my voice is scratchy and weak and my voice is deeper and my voice is really low tone from it being weak, I'm constantly having to clear my throat I always have phlegm build up and when I use my arms or legs they feels so crazy after I use them, they stiffen up on me and makes them feels weird like they are limp feeling and they extremely don't feel like they are my legs and arms at all, and my muscles in my face are weak and the muscles in my face stiffen up when I chew food or holding a smile for a few seconds,my hands are stiff and so are my fingers, my hands stiffen up or cramp up when I try to grasp something and hold for a second I have twitches in my palms all the time when I try to grasp something and hold for a second,
    I've been told I have Lyme disease but I don't have the pain that comes with Lyme disease, so here are my symptoms .......Vibration sensations in my head Like something that rattled my brain inside, And these feelings in my head like I'm having a seizure, the feeling feels like I'm drifting off to sleep in my head like I'm losing consciousness and getting really spaced out bad through out the day and then I start losing my balance and I can't stay on my feet, feels like I'm going to faint or I'm going to go paralyzed feels like a extremely quick adrenaline sensation that comes on,also like the ground is moving underneath my feet, when I walk it feels like my legs are floating and feels like I'm walking over my steps like its a feeling like I'm tripping over my feet, and when I use my arms they feel like they are floating and they do the same thing as my legs feels like they are in water just floating with a weightless sensation with it,
    Hey dusty this is Cameron i am 24yrs old and I keep thinking I have ALS, I've been to a neurologist and he has told me I do not have it, because my EMG on my lower legs had came back normal, and so all he did was give me anxiety medicine and sent me out the doors
    Hi Dusty

    Hope all is well. About a month or so ago I posted my concerns about an abnormal emg and you were kind enough to answer me. I have the report in front of my today and just wanted to give more detail of that it said and your take on it.

    On all muscles tested there was no spontaneous activity

    On motor unit configuration I had normal form and amplitude but I had a reduced duration of my vastus lateralis, gastrocnemius (metal head), biceps brachii, and 1st dorsal interosseous.

    On the recruitment analysis my pattern was reduced in my tibialis anterlor and gastrocnemius (head metal). All firings were normal as well as amplitude.

    You seem very well verst in emg and I'd appreciate any input you have. Thank you for your time.
    How are you doing? I haven't been on here that much lately. I spend alot of time lately on a forum for divorce and separated people. I get alot of support from it since others understand what I'm going through. I got legally separated on June 4th. My dad is hanging in there with his ALS. He turned 81 this past Friday. He is close to 3 1/2 years since diagnosis. Take care, Kim
    Yes, it sounds like you're "in the clear". Your symptoms were sensory and 2 doctors have not been concerned about ALS.
    I went to my primary doctor and ordered blood work. All normal and wanted me to see another neuro. I saw the neuro yesterday. He said my exam was normal and didn't see anything that would make him suspect ALS. He ordered an MRI of my spine and an EMG. I can still hop on one foot..walk on my toes,walk on my heals,walk upstairs. Sometimes it's awkward to walk. Almost like wearing clown shoes on the moon. I'm just scared. With two neuros not finding any major during their exams the past 3 months along with my ability to still do the few leg exercises I listed..do you believe I'm in the clear as far as ALS? Thank you for your time and commitment to the site.
    Hi Dusty. I'm not sure if you read my post of not regarding my legs. Back late April I began having range of motion issues with my neck as well as aches, stiffness, pins, muscle twitching, and on occasion ants crawling. I know ALS doesn't affect sensory nerves, but I've read people do experience cramping onset. I saw a neuro in May. Exam normal. He suspected MS and ordered an MRI of my brain. Normal. He said, "You're fine." My ortho doc ordered phys therapy for both my neck and legs as I had a lot of muscle tightness. Phys Therapy has done wonders for my neck..but my legs are still an issue..mainly my right leg. It's very stiff and cramped. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to fall over on that leg. Constantly twitching. Anytime I try to do strenuous exercise my legs shake.
    Van1, one of the things I didn't really stress enough is to get copies of all your records, especially the EMG. Mayo gives a wonderful EMG report hat will show exactly what they found (what your neuro is concerned about). Since ALS is a disease of widespread, acute and chronic denervation, the EMG(s) will show you just how widespread it is now (and if it progresses) and will show where the active and chronic denervation is.

    Live long and have slow progression, T'Pau
    I read your thread for new members on is it ALS. It was very well written and explained things so I could understand. Now I understand why the Mayo clinic diagnosed me the way they did. Thank You.
    Dusty, I am so appreciative of your feedback. Thanks for reading, I think you are incredible for doing what you're doing. Not sure what is going on with me either, but I will do my best to be positive. I really truly admire you and the rest of the good people on this forum. I've read a lot over the last month and I'm in awe of all of you. Thank you again and hope to find my answers elsewhere. I apologize if I've in any way have been an annoyance to anyone. Please know that was unintentional.
    I do not hear anything that sounds like ALS in your story. Twitching is so common as to be non-diagnostic. Twitching that moves all around definitely does not sound like ALS. A "sensation of weakness" is not clinical weakness. And tingling is sensory , not motor nerve related. It all really sounds more like health anxiety, but I am not a doctor, though I know ALS pretty well. I know it's easier said than done, but try to stop worrying and move on to more enjoyable thoughts.
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