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  • I have a question does plot hand syndrome start with weakness or atrophy? You seem to know I've read some of your older posts on the issue?
    Howdy! Just stopped by to say Hi! My dad is hanging in there. We had a nice family visit with him over the Columbus day weekend. He got to see all of his six grandkids together in one place. Which is a rarity now with everyone living in different places. Take care, Kim
    It's like my fingers don't want to do what I want them to do, like trying to play a piano my fingers kinda pause when trying to hit different notes
    Like when I lift my foot up and lay it back down it has a tremble-jerky sensation with it and that's the way everything is when I move anything
    I can walk on my toes and heels I can jump I can open a a can and a bottle and a locked door, but it's it's like every thing is jumpy and jerky when I attempt to use anything, like when I walk my legs feel floppy and messed up they feel like they are drifting or something I feel like my legs and arms are not connected to me so it's like I don't no where my legs are when I walk or my arms m, it's like I don't have control over anything, my tongue is stiff and jerky
    The question is: What can't you do?

    Can you walk on your toes? On your heels? Can you jump? Climb stairs? Can you button a shirt? Can you open a can? A bottle? A locked door?

    You used the word "feel" about 37 times in your post, but ALS is about failing, not feeling. And 24 is too young for ALS.
    even my tongue feels like it's not mine feels funny when I use it, like I don't have control over it, that's the way everything feels on me, feel like my brain isn't connecting with anything I feel like I have know control over anything I can feel muscle atrophy all over im getting thinner all over, my shoes feel to big now for my feet, my feet are really loose in my shoes my hands are shrinking my muscles in my face are getting smaller, everything is soft everywhere, I feel Bony all over. My muscles tremble every time I do something, every time I stretch some of my muscle will cramp up and I I'm just weak all over from head to toe, everything is weak on me
    And when I'm sitting still or laying down I feel like I'm moving back and forth it's like a shifting sensation like I'm moving up and down in my body, and when I stand up it feels like the ground is moving up and down and it's tilting side to side, my head feels like it's swaying frontwards and backwards and it's swaying side to side. So everything in my body from head all the way to my toes is very very fatigued and weak can't use anything for very long and it's like like this from when I go to bed until I go back to bed. Feels like nothing's is mine on my body feels like nothing belongs to me everything feels foreign to me,
    I also get tingling sensation on my scalp sometimes. And my gums seem to get red a lot and they are sensitive, and I get numbness and tingling by leaning my arms on somethings and leaving it there for a second, every time I wake up my fingers are numb or one of my arms will be numb, it's like I have poor circulation all the time.
    Like right now as I'm typing this my fingers are weak and are stiffening up I have a hard time using my fingers it's like they don't wanna work right and my right pinky is going numb. And I have skin sensitivity all over. my back sometimes you can rub my skin and it will hurt.
    and my head feels like it's numb all over 24/7 and it has a tight sensation with it all the time, I also deal with dry eyes and itchy, my head feels like it's spaced out and severely out of it totally disconnected from my surroundings and my body and my head and my mind. It feels like I'm on a bad acid tip or something feels like I've done some drugs and it has physically messed me up in my head physically! I also have crawling sensations in different parts of my body, and I get this rain drop sensation on my skin sometimes in different places, and I also sweat really bad for no reason sometimes, and I also get these hot flashes sometimes, I also get dry skin really bad in my hands they peel really bad I think it's more of a fungus, I also get these sensations where it feels like my hair is tickling my skin on my legs, and I get these static sensations different parts of the body. Also my stomach always seems nauseous like it never wants anything in it.
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