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  • stool softeners , thanks for your reply. How are your bathroom visits? Do you have notice before you have to go? Is it runny or just very soft?
    The surgeon is now claiming he tested it, but as soon as he took out the sutchers, he put gauze on it and we left. No syringe was used to test it and when the ER tested it, it was perfectly fine. I don't think the balloon was ever inflated. This new tube is night and day compared to the old one. The old one could take 15-20 minutes to get 8 oz of fluid in me. The new one takes minutes. The drama continues.
    the balloon holds 5mls of water. insert a syringe into the balloon port and withdraw to see how much is in it - if there is less than 5mls top it back up. hope things are going ok with it now!
    Hi Bill :)
    You can buy it online, or I can send you a signed copy from here. To send to the US it's $35 AUD which is around $26 your money. I can do a PayPal transaction. If you would rather just buy online I can sure give you a link too. hugs Tillie
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