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  • Dusty - thank you so much for all of your input. I am just now seeing this message. Those were my thoughts about the myopathy. After the EMG I even asked one of the resident physicians if it could be a myopathy. He clearly said no, that the EMG would have read differently. But then the other physician orders the muscle biopsy - and for nothing I guess. I posted the EMG results on the thread today. I would love to hear your thoughts.
    Thank you !
    I hope you saw my post on your old thread. I posted it at 6:42pm yesterday, but then it got hung up at the moderator's and when it got posted was way before some others.

    I could never understand why your supervising physician would think "myopathy" when everyone else was clearly thinking it was neurological and not muscle (myo) related. But if the physician actually suspects myelopathy, not myopathy, then it all makes sense. And Cervical Spondolytic Myelopathy is a potentially treatable condition. And that is cause for hope!!! Good Luck!!!
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