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  • hi Sherry, my name is pat. i read a post of yours stating your husband was in a lot of pain for his last two months. may i ask why he was in pain? i have much physical pain
    Sherry, I hope your daughter is ok.
    The rest of your week seemed pretty good, awesome about jesse shaving his head...what a fantastic bloke!
    God bless, Janelle x
    Posted an update - help! well, a cyber hug will do.... wanted your input if you feel up to it.
    I'm glad we are friends... xoxo Nancy
    I read your post about the foot rubs. Brought tears to my eyes, too!!
    My guy is very loving also. Sometimes I glance over at him and he is just smiling this gentle soft smile that comes straight from his spirit. We are lucky to have found such men. But question: HOW do you keep from crying??? I'm trying sooo hard but sometimes I just bust out into pools and puddles... I'm just so sad at times. He's my best friend, too so who else can I cry with? So many challenges in this new world we find ourselves in....
    Thinking of you Sherry - I'm here for you.
    >Max, thanks for all you do for Vets and PALS. Do you know of any site that clearly explains the process for Vets w/ALS? We've met Richard Thiede online and he's been very helpful but we can't keep bugging him. It would be enormously helpful if there were a single, moderated site that lead one thru the steps from day of diagnosed. For example Richard says my husband will get a free wheel chair modified van once approved but PVA says grant just under $20,000. Been to military sites, VA sites but no clear info that I can find.

    are you working w/ pva? if not, go to them asap! the auto grant is more like $46k :-):-) -- I have been declined but it was a clerical error, hopefully resolved soon ...

    are you on https://eauth.va.gov/ebenefits-portal/ebenefits.portal
    >You mention trying to buy house. Assuming VA Loan? Are you having difficulty with the VA regarding housing or loan?

    hope not ... 2 weeks into application :)
    Hi Sherry - Oh boy! Found your two messages. I was excited. :)) ----(double chin, lol)

    Firstly, Toby is NOT a vet.

    I appreciated your great advise about acceptance but I'm still in and out of tears; accepting and then thinking NO WAY; up and down and definitely all around.

    We are actively looking for a one story home altho' our current is livable on first floor alone with some modifications.

    So much to think about. I have accomplished a lot - but Thursday is a big day... we get the second opinion: or as the Neuro put it, "Now that you have been diagnosed with ALS, it's my job to disprove it."
    ... Oh, if only....

    Ciao for now, new friend.
    Hello, DreamsEnd.

    I like your name. I came here about the same time you did - and under almost identical circumstances. Posting the question about 'being up to the job' is something I have considered countless times but I just couldn't do it. (I even feel inadequate to do THAT!! lol )

    Perhaps I am more shy and I'm not much of a computer or forum person. No facebook or twitter accounts - not even a smart phone. I do admire your nice answers to people's thoughts - it shows me you are a very considerate woman and I'd like to be your friend.

    Check our my two main posts: 6 days new; and progression of als. Since we are in the same boat - maybe we can row together.

    Fondly, Nancy
    HI DREAMSEND...are you on face book...if so please msg RICHARD THIEDE he will help speed up your disability....I am USA-RET 4/1973....go by Pearshoot on forum....Jerry Fouts on face book
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