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    i saw your post for needing a dynavox system, I also do have a unit with the eye sensor and a roling stand that I would be willing to sell. My mother in law used it for a couple months with als and it was such a great help. I would be willing to sell everything for $2000 just because we want someone else to be able to use it and get the help from it. Please email me if you still need one at pntlyn@aol.com
    I completely understand the struggle with insurance agencies. My dad was diagnosed in October, and passed in February, but he lost communication in January and we didn't get the equipment until a week before he went into hospice. Very frustrating, and my mother and I would hate to know you're going without the tech you need to be comfortable.
    Considering that the device is originally $14,000, that it's nearly brand new, AND that you're a member of the ALS community, we would be happy to receive $8,000. Would this be a reasonable goal for you?
    Btw, gofundme is a great resource and we raised nearly $20,000 for my dad.
    All best,
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