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  • Rita, I still think of you. It has been almost a year since you were here. I pray for you!! God bless!!!
    Just Sending This Out: Rita, you haven't been back here and many of us would like to hear from you to see how you are doing and we miss you!! Prayers are always coming your way!! God Bless!!!
    Rita, I've been thinking of you and hoping that things have settled down for the better in your new digs... if I can call them that! Glad to see that you posted recently, and come over for tea when you have a moment.
    Part Two: Too bad you missed all the goodies from the holiday!! :(
    John will begin with a VA nurse on Wednesday. She will come here as needed helping him to have less visits to doctors as she will take blood work, give meds, etc... She will build up here visits/involvement as he progresses. We are waiting for a stair glide. He really needs it and makes me nervous going up the stairs...crawling up the stairs!!
    God Bless you Rita!! I think of you often. You are in my prayers!! Please, keep in touch as you sit in your fancy chair!! :)
    I'm so glad to see your message!! I'm so glad you found a good place to be. Did you sell your home, and is that all settled, or are you dealing with that stress still? Is the place in your area? Maybe someday I can visit you!!
    John is doing pretty good. He is awful weak, but has learned to take rests, and naps daily in the middle of the day.
    We were able to spend Thanksgiving with his brother, wife, children, and grandson. Then, my parents and two brothers with their families got together twice for dinners at my brother/sis in law, and then here last night. It was great to see everyone. John loved it too and when he was just too tired he went to bed last night.
    I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Being a fellow PA. resident, wanted to tell you that you have a friend in PA..lol.
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