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  • Wow. My neuro is Dr. Sabouni. I have seen him for several years because I have simple partial seizures which cause aphasia of my speech. I can see the word or spell it, but can't spell it. It took a while to figure out how to stop them, but blood sugar control and a seizure med control them.

    I am still using my hands , walking, and speaking. I can eat most anything except sour stuff. At school I use a scooter because I've had several falls and the walking tires me out. At home and shopping I use a rollater.
    I had Dr. Baldwin look at it as well and he said the same thing. I am so sorry for your diagnosis Hon. I pray for you. I am scared to death right now I have been doing nothing but worrying and doing push ups sit up you name I am doing it. I still have good strength and I am 32 years old hope those things are on my side. I can stand on my toes and do all that stuff. I had a MRI done and everything looked good besides a few bulging disc and mild cervical spinal stenosis in my neck. degenerative disc disease as well with the c2-c7
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