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  • Starting losing my strength early last year right around the time the cramping started. I think i have some mild weakness starting on my right arm as well as it's started to get the cramping too. I also have a little give in my left leg but it's not to bad as of yet. I hope you can find some answers soon to give you clarity. Not knowing what's wrong when you know something is has to be one of the most difficult things to deal with...hang in there.
    I hear ya but don't let it consume you. I've got a pretty sick sense of humor so that kinda lightens the mood. Down the road they will do another emg but with all the testing they have done they are saying early stages atypical ALS. I have lost about 70% of my strength and mass from shoulder down on my left arm so whatever it is its real and not good. Take it in stride and stay positive.
    They still say ALS. That I have both upper and lower motor neuron symptoms. However I am atypical with the slow progression. They took some more blood to check for Kennedy's disease and sma, which he said will probably be negative because they are lower dominant but let's rule out everything else. So yeah about what I expected. How you holding up?
    I have an appointment this 28th of this month. Going in with a lot of questions. I will get back with you after hopefully with some more clarity.
    Had my 1st emg almost 2 yrs ago (clean) except fasciculations. 2nd a few months later was told bfs. The last one was 8 months ago, denervation, reinnervation and one fib. I also have brisk reflexes and the Hoffman sign on my left side. I have had mri's, blood/genetic testing done also that has all came back clean. Have been to 3 different doctors over the last 3 yrs. First 2 didn't take me very serious. By the time I got to my current one it was very clear something was wrong. After his first physical exam he saw enough to tell me he thought I had a motor nueron disease.
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