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  • Hi Doris,

    I note you are also Australian with MMN.

    I had EMG last week and was advised likely MMN; expecting formal confirmation this week. What a roller coaster...

    I am in Melbourne and interested in whether you are a public or private patient and of the out of pocket costs. I'm also interested in ability to work during treatment.

    If I have MMN, r u interested in sharing stories?

    Hi Doris,

    Whatever you are doing or not doing it seems to be right for you. If after two plus years your symptoms are still restricted to your legs you must have pretty slow progression so rejoice in that. I do take a lot of vitamins (multi, C, D and E) and some antioxidants. I suspect they have helped me avoid colds if nothing else. I try and eat healthily and enjoyably and drink in moderation. Same things I would do if I didn't have ALS.
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