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  • Emergency came in a few minutes. On the sunday morning she could eat alone but in a two hours not. She breathe with a device. On sunday after lunch i have visited her. She coulnd speak,eat,move the body. She could just move the head. Anything else. The doctor said she have the last one or two days and she will die because the heart will stop beat. In the evening at 21:38 i saw unknown number on my phone. I started cry because i knew what happened. ,,before 10minutes she died,,. It was the worst day in my life. I loved her so much. She was like my mum. I cant believe she is not here. Diseasse was diagnosted on the 3th of june and she was die on the 16th november. It was very very fast. So people please...be happy every day. Everyday speak with you family and everyday live as the last day in your lifes. Thank you to everybody and i wish you all the best. Thank you. And sorry for my stupid english. Bye
    Hello people. I just want to write the story of my grandma,Helena. She was born in 1939 in August. She was diagnosted on june this year. It started with backache and continue with legs. First doctors didnt know the diagnose but then definitely told..ALS. I have never knew about this deseasse before. I started to be in touch with more people from forum. I had a big hope. But in August when she was worst and worst all my hope i had lost. She culdnt do anything with legs. Then it started with hands. Here,in Slovakia,Europe aint no centre for people with als. She was in hospital for 3weeks. Some time she was at hope after she came back. But it was more then worst. At the end of september she was started to have napkins. She never know what diseasse she had. She never asked. In the october she visit the special clinic for people which cant walk and live alone. She was there for four weeks. On saturday morning 15th november they called my mum she cant breathe well. Next message
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