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    Good Evening

    Welcome. You’ll find support and resources here as you and your mother go on this journey.
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    The Minnesota health department announced today that anyone who attended a protest should come in for a covid test in 5-7 days whether or not they have symptoms. This is really good because up until now they weren’t allowing that.
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    a rave for these trying times

    I have been so impressed with your Atlanta mayor! Glad to hear the progress that was made last night. It’s been almost the same here in Minneapolis. We’ve had three nights of curfew. The first one on Friday was ignored and lots of fires and looting happened even though the guard was supposedly...
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    When to hire my first aide was a difficult decision. Just being way too independent. Looking back I wish I would have done it earlier. Don’t do it like me. I waited until everything I did caused extreme exhaustion and emotions boiling over. I had a few falls I probably didn’t need to have. Hire...
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    I’m watching the Kentucky senatorial race too with fingers crossed. Too good a state to be represented by that man. Back to Covid-19 if that’s ok. I support the protests against the police killing of George Floyd. However, these massive gatherings during the past week in so many urban areas is...
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    PALS ROLL CALL NEW THREAD (PALS ONLY) [Wednesday or whenever]

    Happy Wednesday friends. Is everybody out there and doing ok? It’s been a rough week already. Im so sad about the police killing of George Floyd here in Minneapolis. And now the second night of protests has turned into a rampage of looting. I worry about the protesters getting hurt or getting...
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    So much is unknown at this point. People are very confused and lots of misleading information is being passed out in social media by Russian bots to polarize Americans in the lead up to Nov 2020. It’s distressing to think I may not survive long enough for a vaccine to be developed and chances...
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    transfer pivot disc

    I tried using one but my legs were too weak. It’s great if you can!
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    Can't get off the toilet independently-what now?

    Nikki and Dorothy- yes, the risk of infection is real. I’ve had a few but none lately. I chose the Supra pubic catheter because I couldn’t hold my urine more than 2 hours and with diminishing ability to transfer myself I couldn’t imagine either getting help to go that often or wearing a depends...
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    Restaurants are open....

    Anyone with ALS breathing problems would do well to do whatever they can to avoid getting covid. I’m not sure I can imagine ever eating in a restaurant again. Thank goodness for delivery services. Same for grocery stores. Planes, LOL.
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    Looking for ways to slow Bulbar Onset ALS progression

    Hi PrimaVera- I have to concur with others who say there’s no known way to reverse any of the symptoms of ALS. However, my personal experience has been that as new difficulties appear I learn ways to adapt and minimize the effects as much as you can and things seem to improve for awhile. For...
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    Mobility help

    Someone said it earlier. In all probability you won’t be able to transfer your PALS into your car at some point. Good luck.
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    PALS ROLL CALL NEW THREAD (PALS ONLY) [Wednesday or whenever]

    Hubby and I are doing well with lockdown. Ordering everything we need. Funnily enough when I tally each of our vulnerabilities to Covid he has way more than me! (2:6) But, he’s the caregiver.
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    Can't get off the toilet independently-what now?

    I also have a suprapubic catheter and am happy with it. I only use the 2000 ml bag. At night is sits beside my bed in a little trash can and during the day it’s in a bag hanging from the side of my wheelchair. It only needs emptying twice a day so my caregivers come twice to help with that and...
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    Shortness of breath and oxygen saturation

    Ok, I’ll definitely give the bipap some time during the day then. I’ve been resisting it too but worth a try. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m still using the bipap settings that the respiratory technician set up the day she delivered it 16 months ago. They seem ok but I guess I wouldn’t...