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  • Hello I hope you will post on the forum. You will get more of a response there. Sorry you have so much to deal with. To answer the question on exercise it is still being studied and some neuros believe light to moderate exercise is ok others say only range of motion. I think everyone agrees overstressing damaged muscles is bad. We can not repair as we could before and could indeed cause further damage. I can tell this myself when I inadvertently do too much. My neuro who is quite liberal says any exercise that takes longer than 1 hour to fully recover from was too much I chose spinning with light resistance as a good exercise when this started for me
    Another question. One neurologist told me that heavy exercise (weights) actually made the disease worse. I worked out in a gym three times a week with a trainer until I was no longer able. Has anyone else been given this information?
    I have just been diagnosed with ALS, after a year of falling down. Have been accepted to an ALS clinic where I will most likely get answers to many of my questions. I have great support from my son, but my husband has Alzheimer's so that is a double challenge. I am very stiff, walk with a walker and also in quite a bit of pain. Not sure if pain is typical and would like comments. Also, just started taking Rilotek.
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