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  • I hear you girlfriend. I have really come to dislike winter. Not looking forward to that. We will be winterizing after our last trip out. Makes me sad.
    Hi Girlfriend

    Haven't seen you on in a while. I hope you are camping and having a grand adventure. We got our youngest off to college and he is coming home for a visit this weekend. We are celebrating his birthday. We are taking our last camping trip of the year on 1st of oct. Love you.
    We catch perch, catfish, bass and drum. We catch and release though. Used to keep bass and perch but the boys have gotten to be picky about eating it. But if they are real big we keep and eat em. Our lake has muskee and pike too.
    Glad you got to go camping. We have been 3 times already. Lake levels are really high, 16 ft above normal. We caught a few fish last time. We too are going out the end of july. Hope to get a couple more in before the end of summer. Love you my friend.
    Hey My Friend,
    Hope you are doing well. Weather is better I hope. We went camping in april...weather was bad...WIND, rain and cold. Fishing was bad too. Going again the first week of june. Just wanted to say hi and love you.
    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed he comes out and wins. He needs a good year.
    Hi Dana
    Cold enough for ya?? I am ready for spring. I really don't like winter. Have a great day....stay warm.
    Merry Christmas Dana! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Thank you for your friendship. Love, Kim
    I am doing better. Very weak and tired. I see things I need to do but I just can't yet. Everyday is better, I just have to be patient. Thank you for asking and caring. You are wonderful.
    I will be praying for you, at least you are the first on the schedule and you wont have to wait. Hugs to you and please if you feel up to it message me to let me know how you are doing. Love you!!
    Getting ready for surgery tomorrow. I go in tonight and I am first on the schedule. Nervous.
    Hi Dana
    Haven't had the surgery yet. Waiting and I am so sick. Ugh...Still thankful though. Have a great holiday.Love ya.
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