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  • Dana, we are doing okay, I have days where I am weepy but I know mom wouldn't want me to be sad.
    Dad keeps busy, I keep coming up with odd jobs for him to do and my uncles and aunts do a lot for him and keep him going also. I am glad you and your mom are doing well, enjoy the party.
    Hi Dana, haven't talked to you in a long time, how are things going for everyone?
    We are doing okay, missing my mom like crazy. I am sure you know how that feels. My husband got an award on Saturday for going to NY City after 9/11 to assist with EMT services. I am very proud of him, it was a very nice ceremony, they had a retired NY city firefighter, a flight attendant who lost 12 of her friends that day and other speakers. Very touching to listen to their stories.
    Hi Dana
    Hope things are going well for you, we are enjoying a very rare 50 degree day here. Back down in the
    20's tomorrow and snow again. Oh well I can't expect spring already.


    I just loved your Christmas card and it's sentiment. You are such a doll. Thank you for not forgetting us here. As CJ said, Merry Christmas sweet one!
    Hin Dana, thank you for your mail. I really appreciate bit. Have been side tracked lately by panic attaks and doctors with egos that nearly trip them up.
    It is amazing when we have so much to fight with the illness alone how some people continue to make life hard as well. Ah well, must get back into step. Also need new computer as my two comfortbale oled big ones have died reently and this netbook os soooooooooo fiddly and uncomfortable. Always an excuse and a complaint - that's me:)
    LOads of love to you
    Hi there - can you please not refer to me as "that Lucy person" - I provide information at my expense to try and help others who find themselves in a difficult situation. This is an all volunteer effort - and I correspond with many people who are in critical need. Honestly, when I read this kind of thing about our website, it makes me feel like why do I bother? So, if you could get rid of that reference to me in your post I would appreciate. I still link from my website to the ALS forum because the discussion is useful but it should also be respectful of others.
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