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  • Hi,
    I am here as my husband is in the process of being diagnosed. First EMG, done at local neurologist office, states that there is evidence for a motor neuron disease. We have been to MGH for a first consult and are now awaiting a second EMG to be done at the ALS clinic at MGH as well as a couple of tests that were sent out to a private lab. I am wondering how long it took for you and or your loved ones to get a DEFINITIVE diagnosis of ALS? My husband is 58 years old and appears to be getting weaker with each passing day. He told his primary for months he was getting weak and did not have the strength in his arms and legs that he used to. The doctor said go to the gym if you want to be strong. Needless to say, he is has a new primary doctor now. This is not our first time dealing with a serious, terminal disease. Our 35 yr old daughter lost her 27 month battle with GBM, a deadly form of brain cancer, In April of 2010.
    Thanks in advance!
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