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  • Hi DesertGypsy,

    I contacted The ALS Association Golden West Chapter in Los Angeles, and the Care Services Director, Madelon Thomson, is interested in addressing the concerns you have about your mom. Can you email your name and contact phone number to The ALS Association's media relations department to [email protected]?

    Best, SBMD
    Hi! My who will be 78 in September and used to be extremely energetic started to become more tired then usual and lost alot of weight. We thought at first maybe it was heart related since he has high blood pressure and two stents. But, the Dr. ruled that out. Then starting around Christmas he started limping when he walked and then tripping for know reason. Then he started having some major falls without breaking anything. His legs would just give out. He has some difficulty swallowing. He now walks with a walker and drinks Ensure to try to keep on the calories.
    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for saying hello--you're my only "friend" who has any idea what this is like, so I'm grateful you took the time. May I ask about your dad's symptoms/how long he's been affected?

    Hi! Welcome to the forum. My dad was just diagnosed with ALS a few months ago so I'm new to this site too. My dad just went to a ALS specialist in Dallas who is not sure if he agrees with the diagnosis of ALS. He ran tons more tests on my dad and will have the results in two weeks. My dad was at his office seeing the Dr. or having a test run from 12:30-8pm. Good luck with your mom. Feel free to write me if you'd like. Kim
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