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  • D,

    If you send me an email, I can send out Jim's Regimen.

    Best Wishes

    I took two scoops of noxplode every day for a year, from the october before this october to this past november when my symptoms started. Sometimes i would take it when i was having beer after the gym. Did you take this stuff also?
    Nothing new on tb4 , I am actually cutting back for a while after adding baicalin and dexamethasone Want to see what those do

    Hi, my vision isn't normal yet, I have this double vision going on almost every day but not all the day, it comes and goes....as in your case I also have wasting in hands feet thumbs calves and the specialists are concerned about this because is not a symptom of neuromyotonia. They said there is also a disease called myotonic distrophy that can cause muscles wasting and myotonia but first thay want to rule out autoimmune problems. They said sometimes even autoimmune problems can cause atypical symptoms like muscles wasting and vision problems. I also have some strange symptoms like difficulty swallowing, problems chewing, feeling as if sometimes my jaw is locked and it's hard to open my mouth and also neck pain and stiffness......it's really a mess. I'm glad to know you have a better mood and good sleep....anxiety doesn't help and makes our life even harder. Keep me posted about you, talk soon Kiara
    Hi Derec I had the tests yesterday. I haven't the results yet but during the emg they said they found fibrillations, fasciculations and myotonic discharges in almost all the tested muscles, they said it doesn't seem so bad cause despite these findings my motor units appeared to be normal in numbers and amplitude. They explained me that motor units in als are decreased in number and large in amplitude so in my case it doesn't seem to be als. I had a blood test for antibodies against potassium channels cause they think I could have autoimmune neuromyotonia....we'll see. I also had evoked motor potentials that were normal and a single fiber emg that appeared normal too. Now I have to wait for the results and then I will meet with the specialist again. What about you?
    Yes I still take tb4 injections 2mg/ weekly. The propofol is amazing though.if you have als, find an excuse to undergo general anesthesia with propofol.
    Hi derec,

    O.K., good. You should be able to download and print out the protocol from that site. I also wanted to give you the name and number of the guy who runs that company (nutrivine).

    He (and his dad); Mike Siers 1-(561) 309-0948

    Paul's email address is: [email protected]

    He is very helpful and has been 'doing' the protocol for a while now. My wife is just getting started....she has to psych herself up for it.....lotta 'stuff' to add to your routine.

    Hope you get it soon and get started asap. Please keep us informed.

    Hang tough,
    Hi Derec, I read your message to tb12 saying you have problems with your joints popping and cracking. I have the same problem, I developed the popping and cracking of joints when all this mess started and it's getting worse and worse: all my joints cracks hard when I move and it's not normal. Let me know how you're doing, wish you the best, don't lose hope you're so young. kiara
    Hello derec,

    I think the person with the most experience on this forum with the DP is dbltree.

    However, we signed up for the DP for my wife, received it within 3 days of payment. We only took the first 7 items on the list that are highlighted as 'most important'. The AAKG, are AKG the main work horses, and the other 5 work in conjunction with them. Of course, you could do the entire protocol, if you have the money and access to all the meds.

    I am not 100% sure that they ship to Europe, but I can't imagine that they don't. It would cost a bit more, naturally, but should be well worth it. We paid $316.45 US for a one month supply, shipping was free (this time). The company that has these supplements is called Nutrivine and is located in Florida.

    I have the contact information, and can tell you more, if you are interested. Send me a visitor message, and I will give you dbltree's email address, #'s that you can call for info.

    Hang tough,
    Hi Derec, its nice to see there are other young people like me going through this worrying symptoms. I have an EMG on Thursday. Hows things with you?
    Hi Derec, if your MRI was also clear I don't know what suggest to you...these issues we are going through are really complicated. I started one year ago with widespread twitching, weakness, loss of muscles in hands feet and ankles. All my tests were clear too but I got worse during months so now I'm waiting for having a day hospital in a neurological clinic hoping to have an answer. Wish you to get better soon. Vienna is also a very beautyful city
    Hi Derec I read about your symptoms and wondering if you had an MRI of your brain, wide pupils are really not a symptoms of motor neurone disease, it can depends from brain issues or from metabolic discorders. Greetings
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