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  • Hey :) are you on facebook? I'm Katrina Jeffery and you will see the same avatar there on my profile as here, except I don't have the crown on fb. send me a friend request and I'll give you the group details xx
    That is wonderful.
    Deety I met my Chris in Nov 2009. His attitude to life after losing his wife to cancer was just amazing and we jumped into an adventure and bought a property May 2010. May 2011 we married. By May 2012 there was something very wrong. April 2014 he was gone ... I know how you feel in many ways xxx
    Wow. I just made a list that I think you recommended of what his actions are now, when they started, and what they used to be. Because I have only known him for two years, I doubt myself a lot. Maybe he was always like this but just on good behavior because we are in the throes of new love. But once I made the list I can easily see the patterns. Wow.
    hi Deety, I have just started some online resources for FTD if you look for a website called alsgardens it's got a dot net and a dot au (sorry I'm being cryptic sounding but hopefully that gives you enough to search google with). the pages on FTD and caring for FTD may be really helpful for you just now
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