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    In Hospital, What An Experience...

    Hi, we are in Chandler also. My husband is completely non verbal but people act like he can't understand thing also.
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    Our wheelchair van was stolen

    There is a company called United Access that we bought our van from and they have rentals. They have a location in Denver and Colorado Springs.
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    In sickness and in health

    We went a few years ago and my Pals did alright but got a stuffy nose which made him somewhat uncomfortable.
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Thanks guys, it's nice but very un fortunate that there are people who understand. I am lucky in that we have the VA so no worries about money or equipment and that my PALS is thoughtful but even with that I don't think he has a full understanding of what CALS go through. Hard to complain...
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    I'm tired in so many ways and most of them aren't physical!
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    Back up camera (mirror)?

    Don't think they really did.
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    Back up camera (mirror)?

    I have even suggested to the power chair people there needs to be one!
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    We have a temper-pedic and use a hoyer no problem.
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    Shifting Sands...

    That's wonderful!
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    trach questions

    My husband is vented and for us it was the right choice. We still go out and do things. Personally for me it's easier to deal with than the lack of mobility.
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    Eyes in ALS and double vision

    My husband had double vision for a while, started using MMJ and it went away. Don't know if it had anything to do with or not.
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    Radiation therapy for secretion management

    My Pals is scheduled to see a radiologist next week. It's for a consult but think he will try it. Patches etc just thicken everything up so harder to clear his lungs.
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Hi, we are hanging in and doing ok. My Pals is weaker but still has a good attitude.
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    So sad you have to go through this, hugs.
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    Botox injections

    My husband gets them clenching his jaw and saliva, they help quite a bit.