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  • I'm so sorry I missed these messages, didn't know they were here to
    Till today. My sister got the eye gaze machine but could not use it, just takes more effort that she doesn't have. I just had the speakbook printed for her thus week, we are working on it now. Things progressed very rapidly, she's been under hospice since sept, but is still at home. Thank you so much for advice and prayers and kind words. Nikki, I did call back and they were kind enough to send someone here to her home, which was great.
    Hi Deb,
    I just wanted you to know that I read your post and want you to know you and your sister are in my prayers. I didn't comment on your post because I didn't have any info to give out. Sending you a hug. You are a wonderful sister. You are helping your sister more then you know by just being there for her. Kim
    Hi Deb. my sister goes to Hopkins too. You have to push for these appointments. When she called and told the NP she needed to see the assistive technology people it was December and she was told appointment in May. She ended up making an appointment with the NP and from there got an appointment for the AT clinic in February. If I were you I would do similar. She got to try the different options to see which worked better for her
    Good luck
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