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    New sort of

    Hi everyone, I check in once a while to see what's going on but don't login a lot. My Dad, 67, was 'officially' diagnosed about a year and half ago with ALS. He had been having symptoms for about four years but didn't say anything for the first two. My mom passed away suddenly from aortic...
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    Al's Tips for Full contact Lawn Mowing

    Another story . . I had to chuckle. . .my Dad had a similar experience in his early days of the disease and we made sure the lawn was mowed after that because the front lawn was up about fix feet with a stone wall around it and we figured next time he would right over the wall. He finds the...
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    Is sciatica-like pain ever associated with ALS?

    i concur - wait to you find out more. to ease your mind though, my dad has als and his symptoms are just like what al has posted. i on the other hand have had chronic sciatica for almost fifteen years and what you described is what i usually experience when i have a flair up - a pain starting...
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    just find out my dad has als

    Thank you.
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    just find out my dad has als

    Thank you. - everyone's love of living is so evident and i am encourage by the spirti that i see in spite of the adversity and challenges that everyone speaks of. i guess the hardest part is that i don't want my father to suffer but there is that selfish part of me that wants him to hang on...
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    just find out my dad has als

    I'm so glad i found this site. I'm at a loss too. my dad was diagnosed the week before christmas after a year of tests. my mom and i discussed what the future was going to bring as she was waiting for heart surgery. dad was hoping to keep well enough to get her through her surgery and she was...