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  • My hands really seem to be hurting. A correlation I've made is that my symptoms return each time I tend to over use my hands. Whether I am cleaning, writing Etc... My symptoms have mostly gone into remission 2 times for 1 1/2 months and 1 week but returned when I overuse my hands. Oddly enough my sister is going through 90% of the same symptoms as me. Hers started in the summer where mine in November. What is going on?
    My legs are not as painful as they were a few days ago but when I stand on them for awhile they feel different. I find I am also always dropping things, and my hands hurt and I don't have the strength I once did. I noticed today I had my legs up in the air and they were quivering. I also looked at my tongue yesterday and it was moving a lot but today was very minor. No quivering just off movements yesterday. Could have been anxiety. I also noticed my mouth was extremely dry on Sunday but had drank a lot of water prior. The following day I started. to lose my voice. Sometimes I feel like there is phlegm in the back of my throat but there is nothing there. My hands really seem to be hurting.
    I also remember one time after a massage my gums started going off like shocks. Then shortly after my arms and legs were tingling a lot and went numb. I recall a time waking up and feeling shocks going off on my foot. Symptoms got worse everyday than got better. I then went one week symptom free. Than again pain in palm of hand, than legs. I briefly felt a few shocks go off in my body but was very short lived only a few hours. I have been experiencing pain in both arms and legs, my joints are constantly cracking, I get spasms and twitches and noticed at one point within the last few days fasciculations under my skin. Don't feel them as much for the last few days. I have also noticed I lost a lot of weight which I had not paid much attention to and both my legs appear a lot smaller especially the bottom half.
    I apologize I was about to post this message to one of those paid neurologist sites until I realized it was a scam. So I copied and pasted it here and forgot to take out the name. There is more to this message but I had to many characters will post rest.
    Hello Frank, I have been extremely worried I have als. At first I thought MS but this is starting to appear a lot different. I am a 31 year old female. I have been having trouble swallowing for a few years now, never really made the connection until recently. My neurological symptoms have started in November. It lasted 4 days. I got pain in the palm of my right hand the next day went to my arm, than following day legs. My legs felt painful. I then saw a massage therapist for the first time, and my symptoms went away aside from my chronic back and neck pain. January 5th my symptoms returned in the exact same pattern starting in the palm of my hand. Only this time lasted 17 days. I had experienced shocks throughout my body including my neck and in random locations. After a massage I started experiencing what I call flutters in my legs. They feel like something is popping or fluttering under my skin. I generally feel it once and goes to another location.
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