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  • Thanks so much for your kind message, DBowman! I most sincerely appreciate your confidence and understanding. :)

    Can I ask why they have you on Ritulek for PLS? It's not for PLS, it's for ALS. I'm a bit confused.
    Of course i remember you lol.
    How have you been? Been busy and not too ill with progression i hope.
    Good to have you drop in,dont be a stranger we need contributers to the pls forum.
    Take good care. caroline.
    Hello! A PLS person! Forgive me for not knowing this, but have we chatted before?! I have to say I just cant keep up with who is who here on the forum.
    Closer to God is the wonderful alternative, I do agree.
    Looks like a trip to WalMart is in the planning for me. Thanks for letting me know!
    How long have you been living with ALS? How old were you when it started? I'm 38 and have two little doughters ( 11 and 4 ) IT's too early to have an ALS .I keep asking WHY all the time but it's useless. It's so difficult to get used to the ilness.
    Hi Dbowman,my als has started with bulbar symptoms also( slurry speach since last january).After I learned the disease 2 months ago,I sarted to feel other symptoms, excess salvia, weakness in legs,arms,balance problems,fasciculations,excessive yawning,sweating a lot.
    I' m a farmer from Turkey. Because of my job I'm having antibiotics now to check LYME. Sorry for my English. I'd like to learn about your symptoms and condition. My FVC value is 80%. I stopped using rilutek a week ago I feel better now
    ok mate...am delighted to be your friend....me popular..blimey!....i know am a bit flippant at times but no one has shouted at me yet!!..at fimes i do feel helplessover what peope on the boards are going through, particularly the als"ers...i just have the upper motor neuron syndrome dx....messes me about enough thats for sure..retired early from my days as a pro sportsman and building contractor..have a nice day( aways wanted to say that such a nice expression)....johnnyyrmate
    have you seen the beautiful photos that irismarie posted of her garden in France? There is a small group of us that love to garden on the forum! Welcome! Kay Marie
    Thank you for your kind words and wise advice. I'm still in the "why me" stage but I do realize it may end up being my "higher calling" and I will eventually embrace this thing.
    Ha! We both have daughters that are massage therapist and we both have PLS! How about that? I agree, hand massages are very helpful for me, too!
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