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  • Hey Darryl,
    Good to hear from you. I'm doing well - thanks for asking. Of course I miss Annie more than ever, but I've accepted that as my new normal.

    How about you? I'm really glad you stopped by the forum. I still come here several times a day, but I don't post much. There are very few folks still here from the time Annie et al were here. But change is the nature of life so we press on.

    I hope the very best for you.
    hi there, i am not sure if this is how you private message or not . However I saw your offer about the MJ and Cannibus links for ALS. would you share those with me? My mom is newly diagnosed ,,thank you so much
    Hi Darryl,
    How are you doing? I am glad the holiday is over. I managed to hold up in front of the kids and then cried whenever they weren't around. My brother sent pictures of dad with them on Christmas Eve and Christmas and I was glad to see them but then all they did was make me cry. I had Christmas Eve with my dad for at least 46 years of my life. Now the past two years I haven't. It hurts. I don't like Dallas, Texas at all but I'll have to go there to see my dad. Take care, Kim
    Hi Kim, I suppose one day our girls will say the same thing about missing their Dad :( The only satisfaction I get in that is knowing I've passed on some of my beliefs and character traits to them, so I will be able to live on to a certain extent. What are the issues the girls are having with geometry, I could ask my wife, she's a teacher. Great to hear from you, thoughts and prayers to you and you family.
    Hi Darryl,
    How are doing? I'm hanging in there I guess. Miss my dad pretty much. Have two teenage twins who just turned 16 and are really pushing our buttons lately. Then there is the stress with them and their Geometry. They are doing good in all the other subjects but it. We have a web site through our local library that offers free tutoring on line. But, when my daughter went on the other day with her problems they said they had no clue how to do it. I can't help them at all. I am dumb when it comes to math. Take care of yourself, Kim
    Hi Darryl,
    I speak to my dad every morning at least and try to again in the evening. He went to his ALS clinic today and they are going to give him some type of injections. He didn't remember the name though and I asked my sister to find out for me. I'll try to post when I find out some more. Take care, Kim
    Hi Darryl,
    Haven't heard from you in awhile? How are you getting along. I miss my dad who had to move to Texas. He is in a 24 hr care facility kind of like a assistant care place. He hated to move but we couldn't find good 24 hr care for him here. I feel bad because I couldn't care for him and work and raise my three kids. Plus, he never would've let me anyway. On a personal note I'm going through a divorce and that and worrying about dad has my stress level at a max. Take care, Kim
    Hi Darryl,
    How are you doing? Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter. You are in my prayers. Kim
    Hi Darryl,
    How are things going with you? My dad is doing so/so I'd say. He still is able to eat on his own with no peg and has a good appetite. But, he can only walk with his walker and someone has to be behind him holding his gait belt. He can only use a few fingers on each hand and his arms are getting much weaker. But, his spirits are still pretty good. He is back staying at his home now for at least awhile. I am so glad to see him. Take care, Kim
    Our dog woke me up at 3:32 and couldn't get back to sleep for hours after that. So tried doing some things to become tired. 3 more posts to go, I hate it when message boards have that restriction, should be far less than 15, 5 would be preferable - JMHO. Hope you have a good weekend as well. I'm trapped in the house right now as my wife is in Sydney and I can't find my car keys.
    You're up very early... or very late Darryl. (are ya having problems sleeping?)
    I will check out the healer site. Thanks. Open to anything - unless it's downright weird. LOL
    Think you need 15 posts... almost there!!

    Happy weekend with your kidlets - autumn long weekends are such fun. Hope weather cooperates!
    Hi Darryl -
    The post by Annie's Phil which hit home (for me) is in Christians Here for Support thread . Post of August 23.. It really reached me. The "A secret place"part. Sometimes the entries speak to me and other times, not so much. It's worth reading everyday - when it hits a bull's eye- I feel so happy . Yes, Juno Beach France. I'm especially excited about Fatima. ( google it for more info). I will mention you in my prayers there - as I did at mass this afternoon. I figure, it can't hurt. Your miracle prayer is in my purse and goes with me everywhere. Yep resuming house hunting when we get back- but there's a barrier free place we're hankering for- ideal for PWC- so we'll see if builder will agree to some minor changes (so it can all be done before we move in). Darryl, I'm convinced we can help each other through this- there is strength in numbers. Have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy turkey and gravy too. I will check out the website you sent.
    Hi Elaine:
    Sounds like you are having some great adventures with family, NY - ALWAYS wanted to see that. My sister lived there at 911. Are you referring to Juno Beach France? If so, WOW! That's SO exciting. I guess you'll resume house hunting once home again. I can't wait to hear about the trip once you get back. I missed on the phone interview process, they said they have all the Canadian participants they need at this time.
    Talk soon,
    Hi- Sorry for delay - was on a road trip shopping expedition to Syracuse NY with my sisters. Had the phone interview last Thursday - the lady is very nice. Mostly questions relating to "what I think could have been handled differently", "are my needs being met"- that kind of questions. Hope you are doing well. Am getting pumped for trip next week - Finally going to Juno Beach- it was on our bucket list for years. Also, looking for new housing and that's not easy (or cheap!). Our condo is 2 levels- I do the stairs OK now - but must plan ahead. Drop a note when you can. Are you doing interview?
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