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  • Hi Dawne,

    I can't answer your questions either, but I can tell you this....It will take you at least three days to travel out to Tahoe from NY in an RV.....in my opinion. Depending on how hard you push, it could (and probably should) even take longer. It takes a full 8 hours just to cross the Rockies!

    We drove from Madison, WI. to Bozeman, MT in 18 hours, with a short night in Souix City. This was in our Toyota Highlander doing all the law would allow, and then some, for most of the trip. So, you will have a few days for your acclamation.

    As for the technical stuff, I can't help there. No use suggesting that she drop the smokes......I know.

    You may just have to play it by ear. Take your oxygen and use/increase as needed?

    Good luck. I hope K gets to see the grand kid and has a great time. You are an angel to help her do it.

    Hang tough,

    can you please let me know- how your friend was diagnosed, i also have sleep apnea and get laryngospasm, though no problems with speech and had clean EMG's and clean neuro exams. How was your friends EMG and was any problem found on the clinical exam.
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