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  • Yes. Said not to worry. But I understand how you feel. It's awful. 5 months of twitching. No vices.
    The symptoms are the same. The feeling of the language. Swelling. I think slurring your words. Throat clearing. Perceived weakness. Basically twitch of the gastrocnemius and hamstring. Like can live. We are looking for an answer. We have many of these in Russia. Neuro said no ALS. Said I to twitch my whole life. Not to worry. So I have 5 months to live. The flu I had a month and a half before. In the beginning they were powerful. As an electric kettle, bubbling. Then less and less. Don't worry. I have had several EMG. Everything is "normal", there are deviations, but not the bass. I was doing all the heavy lifting. Sorry for the English. Through the interpreter.
    Hi. I'm from Russia. Exactly the same situation. Starting to get used to this. I all started after the flu. You had an infection?
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